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Put Your Strengths to Work

Demands never end. There is never going to be an end to the demands in our time. Getting one thing done usually is followed behind by a dozen more jumping in line. Every now and then we catch up and have a


Do What You Love, or Do What Pays?

It’s supposed to be the Holy Grail of career searches. Find the thing you love to do! Don’t “they” say that once you find that your troubles are over? “Do the thing you love to do, and you’ll never work

What Kids Have That Adults Don’t

Are you burning or burned out? They came in chattering and bubbling; a young boy and girl – brother and sister – at Bonnie’s on Aspen Mountain. Like me, they, their Dad and instructor had stopped in for breakfast before spring

No Talking, No Learning

Learning is a 2-way street. Most people don’t realize there’s more to learning than sitting and listening to someone else yack endlessly about a subject. They don’t think about the fact that unless they are discussing the information themselves, asking

How to Ignite Your Pilot Light

You can get an education, a job, and go to work. But your career doesn’t really start until you find something that gets you fired up inside. It’s called internal motivation. Until you have that to drive you, you’ll find yourself drifting