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6 Easy Ways to Train Your Mind for Greater Success

There are plenty of books you can read that are supposed to help you focus or train your mind. But the reality is that this is something you can only learn by doing. Once you start putting mental training into

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7 Questions to Ask Other Successful Leaders

Lazy leaders are bad leaders, and one of their marks is a lack of concern about improving. Great leaders are growing leaders. They know that if they don’t get better, the team cannot continue to grow. In all areas of

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How to Know When Good Ideas Could Actually Be Bad

  Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the people who know when to use them are priceless. Recognizing great ideas and putting them into action is a skill you can develop. But you must be able to identify when

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How the Right Fundamentals Can Change Your Life

  People with weak fundamentals are easily misled. They are inconsistent and can be easily tricked. On the other hand, people with solid fundamentals can easily distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong. As a result, they are dependable and

Man on top of jagged rock on top of mountain looking out towards other mountains.

Why People Get Burned Out and How to Prevent It

  At one point or another, all of us feel the effects of burnout. There have been times where I have been guilty of this as well. But sometimes people are suffering from burnout without even realizing it. A lot of

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17 Things You Should Quit Doing to be More Successful

  Winners follow leaders and people with successful track records. They copy those who have done what they want to do so they too can be more successful.  Winners aren’t necessarily better than you. They just do things differently. If

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How Successful People Stay Calm

  We’re living in a world where everyone always seems to be uptight and stressed out. I know that you’d like to walk around with a carefree mindset, but the reality is that most of the time you have too

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16 Things to Never Apologize for Again

  How many times a day do you apologize for something? The words, “I’m sorry” have become so natural to people that the real meaning has been lost. Again and again, we get caught up in the moment and apologize