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How to Make Your 90-Day Blitz a Success

Did you know that 90 days—or 45, or even 30—can make a lifetime of difference? Planning such a blitz at important points in your life can allow you to organize and get the most out of a compressed time frame—such

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How to Keep From Being Shut Down by Stress

It seems like it never changes. There’s always way more things that need to be done than we have time to do. Ask any successful person how they’re doing, and they’ll say, “I’m great, but I am busy—it’s been a

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12 Tendencies of Successful Leaders

  Would it surprise you to learn that successful leaders behave differently than most people? They approach their lives differently because they know that winning is so much more fun and rewarding compared to losing that they never want to

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How to Set Goals in Life for Doing Great Things

Last week, I was looking through old family photos. I discovered a classic: me at about eight on Christmas, dressed in my new cowboy hat and holster, holding a drum, surrounded by gifts that visiting family members had brought from

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Focus on What You Want. Why Waste Time on Anything Else?

I have studied the guitar for most of my life. After almost 5 decades, I’m a pretty good player. I’ve studied classical guitar techniques, fingering techniques, jazz progressions, and every chord imaginable. I’ve learned how to play the banjo, drums,

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How to Improve for Long Term Success

My son, Adam, is a competitive bodybuilder. An approach to progress in his world is, “train to failure.” What does this mean? In order to build muscle and strength, you have to lift a weight until you absolutely cannot do it

Woman in active wear running up stairs.

Achieve Your Life Goals & Ignite Your Passion

Most people think of January as the Make Progress on Your Life Goals month, but March is when we should really be talking about it. Why? Because it’s the month our progress usually hits a serious slump. Don’t let this

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Control Your Time Like a Chess Grand Master

The grand masters of chess aren’t obsessing about their next move and the exact problem it presents. They’re thinking 5, 10 and sometimes 20 moves ahead. They keep their eye out for potential danger on the horizon and constantly maneuver