Staying on the Attack When Pursuing Greatness: 4 Ways to Keep Going

If you walk when you should chase, you'll never catch whatever it is you're pursuing. How to stay on the attack.


When you’re chasing greatness or trying for a huge breakthrough, it can feel like it is taking forever to get there. You’re frustrated. You’re confused. You may doubt yourself.

You may start to think, “I need a break. I’m just going to sit down on the side of the road for a little while and have a rest.” Worse, you may convince yourself that it’s just not going to happen.

Don’t do it!

Stay on the attack! Dig deep and give even more to the chase.

Here are four tips you can use to achieve greatness.

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1. Maintain Your Productivity

You can not afford to back off when you’ve put in serious quantities of time, energy, effort, and other resources.

Nothing good comes from backing off when you’re already fully invested.

Maintaining your productivity is the key to success and winning. According to The New York Times author, Phyllis Korkki, the basis of productivity can be broken down and defined by three simple concepts:

  1. Trusting that progress is sometimes made in small doses (Rome wasn’t built in a day).
  2. Holding yourself accountable (meet your deadlines).
  3. Forgiving yourself when you’re not where you want to be (dwelling on mistakes is a waste of your time).

2. Adopt A Growth Mindset

Anything is possible through will power and by focusing on your growth.

You will amaze yourself with what you’re capable of through the will power to stay on the attack, and focusing on your constant step-by-step growth. 

In this article by Drake Baer, world-renowned psychologist and one of the world’s leading researchers on motivation, Carol Dweck, recognized two cognitive approaches that drive human beings: “growth mindsets” and “fixed mindsets.” 

To get yourself through set-backs, you must adopt a growth mindset. 

Business Insider describes the growth mindset as a position thriving on challenge—a perspective where failure is just another pathway to success and achieving greatness.

Just remember: Stay on the attack! Be focused on making progress towards your ultimate goal!

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3. Be Aggressive in Your Pursuit of Greatness

Success, big discoveries, and big breakthroughs are elusive. If they were easy, everybody would be Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan or Albert Einstein. Be excited to put in the work because that is what will make you elite.

First-time breakthroughs are even harder. You haven’t been there. You haven’t done it before. You don’t know yet exactly how much effort it’s going to take. The only way to know you’ve done enough is when the job gets done.

Staying aggressive keeps you more focused on doing and less focused on the doubts that can creep in on the way to greatness. Doubts can’t hit a moving target.

Doubts can’t hit a moving target. Click To Tweet

When you’re giving it your all, your emotions run high. Every little hurdle can seem like a catastrophe. You start to think you might be crazy to believe you could achieve something big. 

Every winner has had those moments.

It’s hard to think clearly when you get worn out and emotional, but it’s at these brittle times you have to grab hold of yourself and keep some perspective so you can achieve greatness.

Decide you will never let doubt shut you down. It’s unnecessary and stupid and prevents you from pushing to the finish line.

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4. Use the Facts to Keep Your Hold on Greatness

Instead of feeling defeated by doubt, remind yourself of the facts. Being frustrated is a sign you’ve put in massive amounts of time, energy, and effort. You are closing in on a breakthrough. You’ve got too much invested to stop now. 

An insightful article by Forbes recommends channeling your worries in a short, focused break in order to feel them and then release them.

If you have to, write them down because they never seem to look as scary on paper as when they are bouncing around in your mind. This allows you to essentially get your worries over with and get back in the game!

Frustration and confusion always exist before a breakthrough, so don’t let them get you down. Doubt and exhaustion are signs that you’re on the right track and getting closer to achieving your goal.Doubt and exhaustion are signs that you’re on the right track and getting closer to achieving your goal. Click To Tweet

Ultimately—finish the job so you can enjoy the satisfaction of achieving the goal you wanted to begin with and achieve greatness!

Keep moving and stay on the attack. You’re almost there!

How do you continue in your pursuit of greatness? Let me know in the comments!


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