3 Dangers of Failing to Finish

Why Quitting is Almost Always a Bad Idea

One thing coaches are constantly emphasizing is the importance of finishing. They know how important it is for you to keep your focus and intensity up all the way through the finish line. They want to save you from even thinking about quitting, and you need to understand why. Usually, quitting is a bad idea. A… Read more »

4 Strategies on How to Finish What You Start

Remember: "Almost finished" gets you almost nothing.

Everyone who’s ever started something knows what it’s like to never finish something. Many of us are pretty good at completing most of our tasks and undertakings, but few of us finish all of them all the time. In an assessment my team and I recently conducted about what it takes to succeed, 70% of… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask Before You Quit

And 2 simple things you can do to regain control.

When I was building my business, I considered quitting a lot. It was a rough few years. I wasn’t making enough to support my family. My team missed goal after goal. Our growth was snail-paced. I was even labeled “Turkey of the Month” in a nationwide newsletter. Entrepreneurs face similar circumstances all the time. It’s… Read more »

How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Year

5 Tactics for Making Big Progress on Your Goals, Despite the Holiday Hoopla

Please don’t collapse when you read this: We have three weeks left in 2015. You might be saying, Where did the year go? You might be looking back, kicking yourself for not accomplishing some of your goals. In fact, more than 70% of people who have taken the Serial Winner assessment said they have left projects… Read more »

Achieving Goals – Do The Right First Things

Five things you can do early on to avoid failure later.

Serial winners are people of action—not just any action, specific action designed to help them move forward. They do something every day that puts them or keeps them on course for the things they want in life (especially career success). The result? Lots of winning. To increase the odds that you’ll achieve your goals, learn… Read more »

5 Signs You’ve Got IT

Check your ability to commit, finish, and succeed.

You can call it what you like—and most researchers do—but what all the words in the title above mean is the ability to navigate rough waters, stay the course, and achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Mental toughness (my favorite) is the key to happiness, success, and fulfillment in life and at work. Most people… Read more »

Why You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Why You Don’t Need to Know Everything Training in Steps Like little birds chirping in their nest desperatly hungry for their mother to feed them, most new people start out with an overwhelming desire for training. Train me! Train me! Train me! When are we going to get the real meat? Train me! The trouble… Read more »