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To Achieve Your Goals, Do The Right First Steps

The ability for you to achieve the goals in your mind is an absolutely necessary skill for you to develop. If you can’t make things happen, your life is not going to amount to much. The rewards, the joys, the

Person jumping off a rocky cliff into water.

3 Dangers of Failing to Finish

One thing coaches are constantly emphasizing is the importance of finishing. They know how important it is for you to keep your focus and intensity up all the way through the finish line. They want to save you from even thinking

Jockey on a horse in a race around a track.

4 Strategies on How to Finish What You Start

Everyone who’s ever started something knows what it’s like to never finish something. Many of us are pretty good at completing most of our tasks and undertakings, but few of us finish all of them all the time. In an

Person skiing downhill really fast.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Quit

When I was building my business, I considered quitting a lot. It was a rough few years. I wasn’t making enough to support my family. My team missed goal after goal. Our growth was snail-paced. I was even labeled “Turkey

Woman working at shared desk.

The Question You Need to Ask to Achieve Your Goals

If you want to achieve your goals — faster, with better results, and with a bigger impact — you have to give your brain what it wants: the answer to one all-important question. Oprah Winfrey saw it in action with

Hand holding 3 gold metals up in the air.

How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Year

Please don’t collapse when you read this: We have three weeks left in 2015. You might be saying, Where did the year go? You might be looking back, kicking yourself for not accomplishing some of your goals. In fact, more


Do You Know the No. 1 Payoff for Winning?

Most can’t think beyond the first things. The trophy! The payoff! The acclaim! The vindication! You proved to yourself and everyone else that you could do it. You silenced the critics. First time winners often go into a depression soon after.

No One Thinks They’re Soft, Until They Lose

No person and no team thinks they’re soft. They think they’re tough. They think they are solid, committed and paying a bigger price than everyone else. They think they are obsessed, out-working everyone and destined for greatness. But most are living in

So Committed You Reject Excuses?

Are you settling for excuses? If you are, you aren’t committed. On Shark Tank, Mark Cuban explained to a young lady why he wouldn’t be investing in her opportunity. He said, essentially, I can’t invest in your business if it hasn’t