No Motivation, No Goals, No Dreams = An Undeniable Nothing

Fix this problem fast or risk wasting days, weeks, even years of your life.

  Having no motivation can feel debilitating. Day in and day out you do the same things over and again, and your routine becomes mundane. If you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to win. After a while you realize you aren’t making any real progress. You feel stuck. You feel bored. You feel guilty. Something… Read more »

Unsatisfied with Life? How to Start Living Bigger

3 ways you can break away from the mediocrity trap

Over the past few weeks, I’ve read a couple of articles about research by Gallup on whether Americans are satisfied or unsatisfied with life. They were asking about people’s personal lives—work, money, relationships, possibilities for the future, etcetera. Lots of people wrote about the results with a big grin. Look at how satisfied we all… Read more »

We Can Only Be Great Doing Things We Really Want To Do

Until you follow your whims, you can't know what you really want.

Every big idea starts out as a whim: “Hmm, wouldn’t that be great?” Until we follow the idea, we can’t be sure if we actually want it. In other words, it’s important to follow your natural curiosity. We all have different things that intrigue us. That’s what makes us unique. It’s following our natural curiosity that… Read more »

Achieve Your Life Goals & Ignite Your Passion

If you're making slow or no progress on your life goals, maybe it's time to reassess.

Most people think of January as the Make Progress on Your Life Goals month, but March is when we should really be talking about it. Why? Because it’s the month our progress usually hits a serious slump. Don’t let this happen to you. There are lots of reasons we start to back off our goals… Read more »

Put Your Strengths to Work

Nobody has time to fix all their weaknesses. Focus on your strengths!

Demands never end. There is never going to be an end to the demands in our time. Getting one thing done usually is followed behind by a dozen more jumping in line. Every now and then we catch up and have a chance to breathe—until we realize there are more things we would like to do. The… Read more »

Do What You Love, or Do What Pays?

The half truths about working for love and for money.

It’s supposed to be the Holy Grail of career searches. Find the thing you love to do! Don’t “they” say that once you find that your troubles are over? “Do the thing you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life!” Supposedly, it will be a life of nothing but happiness… Read more »

Daymond John Got This One Wrong

Most of us have motivations other than money.

Sure, he’s made a fortune. He started with nothing but T-shirts, and built it into an international clothing empire, netting him hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s impressive in anyone’s book. So obviously, that makes him a brilliant businessman.  He SHOULD be respected. Sure, he’s a TV star. He’s expanded his resume by becoming one… Read more »

What Kids Have That Adults Don’t

Kids get fired up about what they want.

Are you burning or burned out? They came in chattering and bubbling; a young boy and girl – brother and sister – at Bonnie’s on Aspen Mountain. Like me, they, their Dad and instructor had stopped in for breakfast before spring skiing. As they threw down their gloves, helmets and coats on the table, the little girl… Read more »

How to Ignite Your Pilot Light

Don't worry if your "true calling" hasn't shown up yet.

You can get an education, a job, and go to work. But your career doesn’t really start until you find something that gets you fired up inside. It’s called internal motivation. Until you have that to drive you, you’ll find yourself drifting – just going through the motions. Some people know from childhood. They have it easy…. Read more »

3 Things The Top 1% Of Companies Have In Common

Here’s how you can take advantage, for your own benefit, the results of an extensive, massive 3 year study of 25,000 companies conducted by Harvard business review. Guess what? They found 3 tendencies the top 1% of all companies have in common. 3 things and specific tendencies they all focus on and share that ride… Read more »

So Committed You Reject Excuses?

Are you committed enough to your goal to go out on a limb?

Are you settling for excuses? If you are, you aren’t committed. On Shark Tank, Mark Cuban explained to a young lady why he wouldn’t be investing in her opportunity. He said, essentially, I can’t invest in your business if it hasn’t excited you enough for you to overcome your inhibitions and weaknesses. If you believed in… Read more »

Pros Keep Things Exciting

Leaders use excitement to drive action and results.

Great leaders don’t hope for excitement, they create it! The first time is always exciting and fun. It’s natural to be fired up over fun new things. But the second and third time the sizzle isn’t the same. If you want the same excitement as in the beginning, you have to make it happen. Great News! It’s March… Read more »