Pros Keep Things Exciting

Leaders use excitement to drive action and results.

Great leaders don’t hope for excitement, they create it!

The first time is always exciting and fun. It’s natural to be fired up over fun new things. But the second and third time the sizzle isn’t the same. If you want the same excitement as in the beginning, you have to make it happen.

Great News! It’s March Madness season again. It’s another chance to learn lessons all great leaders have learned… and that is:

  • How to create and maintain excitement.
  • How to attract intense interest.
  • How to capture people’s imagination.
  • How to make it fun.
  • How to stir up competition and personal involvement.
  • How to make this important to them.

What drives the excitement?

Usually when you keep doing things over and over they get boring. They lose their zing and excitement. But playoffs and championships always sizzle. Why is that?

It’s because they are never the same. New locations, new teams, new players, new story lines and different rivalries  are in  play. Every one is a once in a lifetime event. Also the BIGGEST events bring out the best in everyone. Every player, coach, announcer, band, etc are all going to be on their toes because the world is watching. Add to that the networks and advertisers who have millions invested are going to make sure it’s a special event!

If you want a crowd, start a fire and they’ll come running.

With all this excitement, everyone wants to come! Nobody wants to be left out.

There’s a lesson for us here. If you have a cookout and no one seems that excited about coming over, maybe the cookouts have gone stale. It might be time to try something new and put some new fun into them. If every year you do the same thing at the holidays, and fewer and fewer are showing up, there’s a reason. If your birthday parties are the same year after year, why not get some new ideas?

Invite some new people. Try out new locations. Mix things up. If you are out of ideas, get on the internet and google some new ones up. Even if you are just cooking your favorite soup, occasionally you put in some new spices to freshen up the taste.

Things only stay fresh and fun if you put things in place to keep them that way. You have to make it a priority!

But excitement has to start with you!

You know how to tell if your event is going to be a hit? If you are excited about it! You already know what’s going to happen. If you have some plans and ideas that you are trying and you are really looking forward to it, everyone else is going to enjoy it too. If you aren’t that thrilled and are thinking more about just trying to get it over with, then it’s destined to be a disappointment. What should you do to save it? Whatever you can think up that will make you look forward to doing it.

How about your business? Are people flooding in? Do you have a buzz? If not, guess what you’ve got to do? Find some excitement! Run a special, have a contest for your team, set some goals, give them something to shoot for, something they can win. Run some customer appreciation promotions. There are thousands of ideas and you better go get some asap because a dull business becomes a dead business fast. It’s a cluttered market out there and you need to stand out.

Take charge, start some fires. Just like March Madness, if you have fresh, new exciting things going on people will want to gather around! Excitement isn’t an accident. The things that work in the big events can work to bring excitement into your life and business as well!

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