Let Yourself Be Surprised

Focus on your job, not their job.  

Too many people doom themselves to failure in sales and other areas of life because they are stuck in a pattern of unknowingly playing God in other people’s lives. They do that by deciding in advance the other person wouldn’t be interested.

This can apply to anything new.
It could be a product or a service, or it could be a new activity or even a new restaurant you’re excited about. You’ve got something that you’re excited about and you’d like to tell your friends about it thinking they might enjoy it and get excited about it too. But you don’t. Here’s what you do: Before you open your mouth, you decide for them. You think, no, they wouldn’t be interested, and you never mention it.  

Here’s a thought: why not let them decide?
If they don’t like it, they don’t like it. Big deal. What difference does it make to you? You still like it. But at least you told them about it and gave them a chance to know about it. Maybe they’ll change their minds about it later on. But until you put the idea or opportunity in front of them, you’ll never know.  

You may be shocked to discover they love it!
Even if they don’t get involved, they may pass it on to somebody else who loves it. If you find something you’re exciting about, that means this is something that speaks to you. It has some intrinsic value, excitement and appeal. Why would you lock that in a closet and hide it from your friends on the chance that they might not see the appeal?  

You’re not trying to sell them, you’re showing them.
It’s nothing more complicated than “show and tell” in elementary school. When kids do that in school, do they care or even expect everyone else in the class to get excited about what they’re talking about? No, but there’s a good chance that other kids hearing about a fun vacation or something else that happened during the summer may decide that’s something they want their family to do as well. But it could easily be something they’d never even heard of before.  

Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.  
Don’t bottle yourself up. People like to hear about exciting new things. If you’ve found one, pass it on. Don’t play God. Let your friends decide if they like the idea or not for themselves. 

They can’t love it until they hear about it…so tell them.

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