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Developing a Million-Dollar Mindset

If you haven’t already, go read Part 1 of Mario Arrizon’s humbling life story and find out what keeps him driving for success every day! Larry Weidel: How did you, at a young age, turn to God? Which by the

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Something That Was Supposed to Break Him, Made Him

  Larry Weidel: What an exciting afternoon ahead of us! Right now, I am talking with one of my biggest buddies in the world, Mario Arrizon, from Riverside, California. How are you, Mario? Mario Arrizon: I am doing great, uncle

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6 Easy Ways to Train Your Mind for Greater Success

There are plenty of books you can read that are supposed to help you focus or train your mind. But the reality is that this is something you can only learn by doing. Once you start putting mental training into

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10 Ways to Make Massive Improvement to Your Team’s Performance

  Successful leaders know the go-to moves for performance improvement. They’ve perfected their methods because they’ve had to constantly improve to stay on top. For them, improving becomes automatic. It’s a way of life. They know greatness isn’t winning once—it’s

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7 Questions to Ask Other Successful Leaders

Lazy leaders are bad leaders, and one of their marks is a lack of concern about improving. Great leaders are growing leaders. They know that if they don’t get better, the team cannot continue to grow. In all areas of

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17 Things You Should Quit Doing to be More Successful

  Winners follow leaders and people with successful track records. They copy those who have done what they want to do so they too can be more successful.  Winners aren’t necessarily better than you. They just do things differently. If

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10 Ways to Make Your Downtime More Effective

I talk a lot about what you need to do to make your life, your career or your business successful. A lot of that comes down to hard work, putting successful systems in place, and learning how to break through

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Keep Making Adjustments for Consistent Growth

In order to stay on track and maintain your pace, you have to make adjustments. If you’re on the highway and your lane suddenly slows down, you switch lanes, right? It’s a small, simple adjustment. Small, simple, regular adjustments are

Sports team celebrating and holding trophy.

Feeling Defeated? Coach Yourself Through Tough Times

Don’t let yourself be bullied by your own negative thoughts.  Feelings are just feelings so don’t let the negative ones dominate you. Feeling defeated? Believe it or not, we all face tough times—it’s unavoidable. Feelings are like the wind, they