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I need to change my

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What locks some into a lifestyle of losing? I heard my good friend Bill Orender say many years ago that… “it isn’t so much that they are losers but that they are loners.” Life is about interacting with people, not living in isolation. It is

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Recently, I got on an elevator, and then immediately in behind me rushed a UPS deliveryman. He was pushing his cart filled with boxes and you could feel the small space almost vibrate with his energy. You could tell he was

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Who You Are, You Must Choose

Who you are, you must choose. At age 10 my son Adam told me, “Excuses are like belly buttons.”  Startled, I asked why.  I had no idea where this was coming from or where it was going. He said, “They’re

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Relationships Matter More Than You Think

Larry Weidel:   Hello, I’m here with legendary actor Robert Wagner here in Aspen, Colorado.  We’re talking about his career and the life lessons that he’s learned along the way.  Robert is 90 years old and still working, is that right?  RW:

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The Motivation Factor

Larry Weidel: Today I’m with my son, Adam Weidel who’s one of the wisest people I know.  He’s been side by side with me in business for at least 25 years, and he’s my go-to person for my businesses, projects,

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Quitting vs Changing Direction

Larry Weidel:  I’m here with John McBride, the coach of the U.S. Ski Team for 20 years, and legendary coach in Aspen, Colorado.   John, what did you learn from your experience when you coached Bode Miller as he became the #1

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Taking Things Step by Step

Larry Weidel:  I’m here with Guinness McFadden Jr., the owner & trainer of the 2019 Kentucky Derby winner CountryHouse. We’re talking about lessons of winning in the horse world.   Training a horse is like dealing with a teenager. They can

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Starting a Successful Business Out of College

Larry Weidel: Welcome everybody. I’ve got a real treat for you.  We’re in Aspen right now with Susan Gershon, who’s got a really interesting past. LW:  Susan started out in the restaurant business in college. She stayed in that for 10

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How to Make Growth Happen

High achievers think about growth all the time. Why is that? They know that if they improve, they can grow and keep on winning. Growth doesn’t happen by itself and the clearer you are about how to make it happen, the

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The Story Behind $118 Million in Sales

Larry Weidel: Hello everybody. I am very excited to bring you a new friend, Roman Sharf. Roman is somebody you might want to interact with in a big way going forward as things start to fall into place in your