What locks some into a lifestyle of losing?

I heard my good friend Bill Orender say many years ago that… “it isn’t so much that they are losers but that they are loners.

Life is about interacting with people, not living in isolation. It is by interaction with others that we live our life. We talk, we laugh, we share, we love, we question, we argue, we share stories and jokes, we challenge and  do thousands of other things together.

It’s how we learn, it’s how we enjoy things and how we learn our values.

It’s how we experience life.

When you cut yourself off from others you sentence yourself to prison. And living that way doesn’t lead to a very productive or fulfilling life.

It’s natural when the trials of life get tough that you would want to withdraw.

I remember several times when business was bad, incomes low and on top of that my weight was skyrocketing due to working around the clock and worrying. The last thing I wanted then was to spend time around happy people who seemed to have it made.

Of course, all my friends didn’t have it made but when you are feeling sorry for yourself you just assume everyones else is doing great. And you resent them for it and avoid them. Bad move.

When you’re down you need to be around people. 

I learned that. It restores your perspective, it lets you realize you aren’t the only one with problems. It gives you a chance to talk things out and get some fresh ideas. 

We live our lives socializing and working with people and as a result, winning involves making better things happen for not only yourself and but others as well. In fact you’ll find being able to help others out is a whole lot more rewarding and fuflilling than things you do for yourself.

So you get occasionally get overwhelmed… don’t hide, go out with a friend. 

P.S. Who do you rely on when you think you’d rather run away from everyone? Think ahead and remember to value those friendships and cultivate them…

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