Why not go for something big? 

Why not go for something special? Why not go for a lifetime memory? If you had some special destination in mind you might find you could get a little more excited about taking a break. It also might energize your work. It would give you something exciting to dream about, to talk about and to prepare for.

Your life will be as dull as you let it be
Too many people just assume these kinds of trips are out of their reach…so they don’t even try. If they would, they might be amazed how achievable they are. The cost might not be as high as you thought. You might be able to leverage some air miles or hotel credits. There are a lot of options you’ll never find out about if you never consider it. Why should you go visit the relatives or the same old friends again? Why should you make another trip to a beach, mountain, park or campground you’ve been to again and again?

Go—and you’ll be shocked to see who’s there
There will be all kinds of people just like yourself, hundreds of them. You’ll find out a lot of people have figured out how to make these kinds of trips happen. Once you go on one, you’ll figure out how to do more. You’ll find you have new energy and excitement…and if you don’t watch out, you might start to see your entire overall attitude start to pick up.

It’s time for you to take a real vacation…a special one!
Take a look at these ideas…some of the most beautiful places in the world! These will get you thinking in the right direction because they are certainly worth the trip! Who knows? 

You may catch the fever and decide you want to take your family and go see them all!

This is a link to more ideas from Travel and Leisure.

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