The point: If you have lots of doubts, it says good things about you.


Do you ever have doubt? What do you do when it comes? What does it mean? Are you going to let it control you or are you going to control it? Is this a positive or does it mean you are just neurotic?

Also, doubt plus inaction brings fear. With fear comes paralysis, and with paralysis comes certain failure. That’s certainly not a positive.

So what’s the alternative? Attack! Take action! 
When doubt comes it means one thing. That is your subconscious sending you a very real message that you are not doing enough. You’re not moving fast enough. You’ve got to ramp it up right now. Or, you must make some other kind of adjustment. Your subconscious sees failure coming and wants to put you on alert so you can change things.  

It’s a warning sign.  
It’s an alert to provoke you to charge into action. You immediately pick up your pace.  

You immediately start doing more. Instead of doing what you were doing (which you thought was adequate) you start doing what previously you thought what would be overdoing it. Now you overdo and overdo until confidence starts to come back inside as your subconscious gives you feedback that now you are clicking at the right pace. You begin to sense that your activity now is putting you in a position to win and if you want to make sure you win, you do even more.  

You do what it takes to Win
The idea about winning and getting things done is to attack with everything you’ve got. You don’t moderate or modulate your effort. You don’t cut corners or put in minimum efforts.

You give it everything you’ve got.  
You throw everything at it as fast as possible because that allows you to get your maximum chances for success and it allows you to cause success to happen as fast as possible.  

When doubt comes it’s a clear signal something is wrong.
You’re going too slow or you need to make an adjustment or course correction. You’ve got to do something. Your subconscious is telling you aren’t getting enough done if you stay on your current course and pace. Pick up the pace immediately, make changes and do it NOW!  

Look as doubt as an early warning sign of defeat.  
It is something your body does to give you time to change and fix the situation. Usually your other instincts will kick in and you will know what you need to do. Whenever doubt comes don’t hesitate, don’t let it turn into fear and paralysis.  

Winners get doubts.
They aren’t arrogant. They take responsibility seriously. They know you have to earn success. They know you can’t be haphazard. They know its not enough to do the normal things, you have to do all the extras as well.

The reason they get doubts is because they know the world doesn’t owe them anything. They know they can’t assume anything. The fact that they get doubts says they are reliable and responsible leaders who are willing to do whatever it takes to win. They know when doubts show up they need to respond with positive action. What can we learn from this?

Whenever doubt comes, don’t freeze up but immediately spring into action and maximize your chances for winning.


Do you see that there is no reason to be wracked with doubt and filled with fear, that it’s a good thing to have doubt if you know how to respond?

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