Here are the 3 big diseases that kill the possible success of those starting out on new activities, businesses, projects and careers:

1. Hesitation Disease – Instead of jumping in, getting started, asking questions, charging ahead, you hold back. You start thinking about all the things that could go wrong, all the things you don’t know and you freeze. Instead of focusing on what you are excited about and what you like you focus on the unknowns. You freeze and you miss your opportunity.

2. Detail-itis – You want to know everything about everything. You major on the minors. You are never satisfied. You drive yourself to learn every single thing but you never do anything with any of your information. Since you aren’t active you remain idle. The idleness turns you into a busybody, endlessly poking your nose into other’s business, questioning and analyzing everything to death. Instead of making a positive contribution you become a negative, interfering with those doing the work.

3. Excuse-itis – You don’t take responsibility for your progress. You see yourself as a victim who is persecuted by the world. You can’t get anything done because The world is against you. You always have a reason why you can’t get anything done. You focus on problems. You seem oblivious to the fact that everyone has the same problems yet they get things done anyway. You never get anything done, but you always have an excuse.

Avoid these dream killers, and avoid those who have these diseases—because they are contagious and you don’t want to get infected!

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