We are emotional beings

We all have our ups and downs. Over our lives we experience the gamut of emotions. We soon discover we’d rather stay on the satisfied, fufillled and joyous side of life as much as possible

Here’s why you shouldn’t let yourself get too wrapped up in yourself
Being self-centered leads to depression, it draws you inward facing your imperfections, focusing on all you don’t have.

It’s like a Black Hole
It’s a downward spiral that can grab you and not let go. You lose perspective. You forget about the good things in your life. You forget so many others have it much worse than you because you aren’t thinking about them, you are thinking about you. You focus on all that you are lacking and that makes you feel bitter and helpless. Down, down, down.

Thinking about others has the opposite effect
Satisfaction and fulfillment are usually related to going outside yourself, getting involved in the world and other people. The more you get involved in others lives, the more appreciation you get for your life. You get a balanced perspective on life. You have new experiences, make new friends and learn new things. You stay fresh.

We are social beings, we need to be around others and involved in their lives to stay emotionally healthy. The alternate is a life of isolation and self-centeredness, a life of despair.

Watch out for yourself, but also for your friends and family as well. 
If you see any of them withdrawing into themselves, go get them. Take them to dinner. Get them out and find something fun to do. Let them know they have a friend. Draw them out and let them talk. 

They may be stuck in a downward spiral. They may desperately need a helping hand to get them out. Be that friend. Make a difference!

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