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Woman in active wear running up stairs.

10 Ways to Make Your Downtime More Effective

I talk a lot about what you need to do to make your life, your career or your business successful. A lot of that comes down to hard work, putting successful systems in place, and learning how to break through

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Set the Deadline to Achieve Your Goals

I know a woman who doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions; instead, she establishes a theme for the year instead. Each year, the theme is something she has been wishing or hoping for, but has never made happen. She started

Person jumping off a rocky cliff into water.

3 Dangers of Failing to Finish

One thing coaches are constantly emphasizing is the importance of finishing. They know how important it is for you to keep your focus and intensity up all the way through the finish line. They want to save you from even thinking

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Measure Your Performance: How Goal Setting Pays Off

Hard Work Does Pay Off My Uncle Martin may have been a farmer, but he knew more about managing for performance than a lot of the corporate executives I’ve met in life. Everybody got paid for what they picked. To

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How to Improve for Long Term Success

My son, Adam, is a competitive bodybuilder. An approach to progress in his world is, “train to failure.” What does this mean? In order to build muscle and strength, you have to lift a weight until you absolutely cannot do it

Jockey on a horse in a race around a track.

4 Strategies on How to Finish What You Start

Everyone who’s ever started something knows what it’s like to never finish something. Many of us are pretty good at completing most of our tasks and undertakings, but few of us finish all of them all the time. In an

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Quit

When I was building my business, I considered quitting a lot. It was a rough few years. I wasn’t making enough to support my family. My team missed goal after goal. Our growth was snail-paced. I was even labeled “Turkey

Woman in active wear running up stairs.

5 Early Actions for Successful Project Planning

I compare every project to a space shuttle mission. It may seem a bit of a stretch, but the same laws of physics apply. The shuttle used 2 million pounds of solid fuel and 500,000 gallons of liquid fuel in

Person in snow gear with backpack standing on snowy peak raising arms in triumph.

3 Tough Decisions That Could Help You Improve

In 2012, Serena Williams made a tough decision. For her entire life in tennis, she had been coached by her parents, and they had done a great job. They helped her develop a winning mindset and attitude. She had worked

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How to Make the Most of the Rest of Your Year

Please don’t collapse when you read this: We have three weeks left in 2015. You might be saying, Where did the year go? You might be looking back, kicking yourself for not accomplishing some of your goals. In fact, more

Man in suit speaking to crowd.

Why Snipers Are the Worst Role Models for Leaders

In the military, snipers are cool—if they’re on your side. That’s why they make so many movies about them. They’re highly-trained loners. They have an air of mystery about them. They operate quietly, in the shadows, swinging the military advantage