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Letting Go and Moving Forward

Held Back By The Past Let me ask you something: How do you want to go through life? Do you want to live full of anger and resentment, or would you rather live life on your terms? Do you enjoy

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How to Set Goals in Life for Doing Great Things

Last week, I was looking through old family photos. I discovered a classic: me at about eight on Christmas, dressed in my new cowboy hat and holster, holding a drum, surrounded by gifts that visiting family members had brought from

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Focus on What You Want. Why Waste Time on Anything Else?

I have studied the guitar for most of my life. After almost 5 decades, I’m a pretty good player. I’ve studied classical guitar techniques, fingering techniques, jazz progressions, and every chord imaginable. I’ve learned how to play the banjo, drums,

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Making Tough Decisions in 3 Simple Steps

Where should I live? Should I go for that promotion? What’s the right career change for me? Should I quit my job? Should I start my own business? Which of these businesses should I invest in? Should I take six

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3 Tough Decisions That Could Help You Improve

In 2012, Serena Williams made a tough decision. For her entire life in tennis, she had been coached by her parents, and they had done a great job. They helped her develop a winning mindset and attitude. She had worked

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It’s Time to Launch Your Attack on the Year!

We’re 18 days into the year. What have you done so far? What progress have you made? Are you saying to yourself, “Well, it’s still early,” or are you saying, “Whoa, we’re 18 days in! I’ve got to get moving!”

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Want Greater Career Success? Develop a Pioneer Mindset

There’s always a way. I knew a woman who worked at a publishing company. Apparently, it’s tough to get into the industry, particularly on the editorial side of the business. The competition is fierce. Even though she was told that


Indecision Is Like Living in a Holding Pattern

Any expert will tell you, “Deal with things once.” Force yourself to make a decision. Be efficient. Stay ahead of the details. Don’t let them build up. It sounds so simple. When you try it, you find it’s half-baked advice.


When It’s Not Good Enough Just to Believe

Are you tough enough to take a stand? No one was at Enron. If you have a position of influence, and don’t take a stand for what you believe, then it’s the same as not caring. You don’t have to

Don’t Go to Work for Just Anyone

If you jump into a job without checking out what you’ll REALLY be doing, who you’ll be working WITH, who you’ll be working FOR, and all the other particulars of where you’ll be spending 8 or more hours a day,

How to Handle Problems Like a Pro

Since nothing is perfect in life, it helps to have a philosophy about how to look at problems. You aren’t going to be able to get away from them, so why not adopt a philosophy that allows you to keep moving and