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Man in suit speaking to crowd.

If You’re Not Making Money, You’re Not A Business

  The primary purpose of a business is to make money. You provide a service or make something useful, and if it’s any good, you make money. If you aren’t money motivated, you are dangerous to yourself and anyone for whom

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Why You Aren’t a Leader Yet and How to Become One

  The world is full of great ideas and resources for making them happen. What’s missing is effective leaders who can take these ideas, leverage the resources available to them, and organize people to make big things happen. The world

Man in suit speaking to crowd.

Focus on What You Want. Why Waste Time on Anything Else?

I have studied the guitar for most of my life. After almost 5 decades, I’m a pretty good player. I’ve studied classical guitar techniques, fingering techniques, jazz progressions, and every chord imaginable. I’ve learned how to play the banjo, drums,

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Limiting Beliefs About Money Can Kill Your Progress

Limiting beliefs about money are a big weakness for some people. They don’t want to talk about money. They avoid thinking about it. They don’t want to seem too eager to get it. Some even believe that wanting it makes


Are You Getting Stale?

Many have that empty feeling in their stomach; they feel they’re wasting their time – going nowhere. They aren’t challenged. They aren’t moving up. If that’s you, maybe it’s because you’re in the wrong spot. It could be a tell-tale sign that

I Started My First Business at 8 Years Old

It’s a powerful thing for children to make their own money. It’s easy for parents to get so wrapped up in school work, education, homework and getting good grades that they miss another big part of a child’s education. But kids

The One Common Trait of all Great Leaders

Leadership can be confusing because leaders come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of backgrounds, training, and experience. You can’t pick good leaders out of a crowd. They come from all walks of life. Some are highly educated, some aren’t. Some

So Committed You Reject Excuses?

Are you settling for excuses? If you are, you aren’t committed. On Shark Tank, Mark Cuban explained to a young lady why he wouldn’t be investing in her opportunity. He said, essentially, I can’t invest in your business if it hasn’t

How You Can Become a Magic Maker

To do great things, you don’t need new ideas or more money. The world is full of people, ideas and money. No shortage whatsoever. But by themselves, if not put to use, nothing happens. They just waste away. There’s a missing ingredient:

Your Action Is Required

Do you know when talking is your enemy? This is something that no one tells young eager beavers, full of energy and ready to tackle the world. So purely out of love and kindness, I’m going to spell it out for