If You’re Not Making Money, You’re Not A Business

Everybody involved in a business must understand this fundamental truth.

  The primary purpose of a business is to make money. You provide a service or make something useful, and if it’s any good, you make money. If you aren’t money motivated, you are dangerous to yourself and anyone for whom you make business decisions. The danger is that you’re going to drive your company into… Read more »

Why You Aren’t a Leader Yet and How to Become One

What you need to do differently and how to grow if you want to become a leader.

  The world is full of great ideas and resources for making them happen. What’s missing is effective leaders who can take these ideas, leverage the resources available to them, and organize people to make big things happen. The world needs more finishers and high achievers who follow the habits of highly confident people and… Read more »

Focus on What You Want. Why Waste Time on Anything Else?

How to fight the pressure to be more, do more, learn more and free yourself up to get more of what you want

I have studied the guitar for most of my life. After almost 5 decades, I’m a pretty good player. I’ve studied classical guitar techniques, fingering techniques, jazz progressions, and every chord imaginable. I’ve learned how to play the banjo, drums, and bass. I collect acoustic guitars (at one point, I owned about 100). One of the best… Read more »

Pigeons On The Rooftop & Lions In The Ring

Pigeons on the Rooftop & Lions in the Ring Make It Happen There are different kinds of people. Some people sit back, watch things happen around them and accept things the way they are. Others go out and make things happen for themselves. What kind of person do you want to be? You’ve got a choice…. Read more »

Do You Know The 4 A’s Of Success?

Do You Know the 4 A’s of Success? Top business leader Sam Shepard shares how mastering these 4 A’s: attitude, attendance, accountability and activity lay the groundwork for being a success in business. Learn how you can apply these to your own life as well! Other Success Posts: How to Improve for Long-Term Success 3… Read more »

Are You Getting Stale?

If you feel you've lost your mojo, it may be time to move on.

Many have that empty feeling in their stomach; they feel they’re wasting their time – going nowhere. They aren’t challenged. They aren’t moving up. If that’s you, maybe it’s because you’re in the wrong spot. It could be a tell-tale sign that you need to move on to a different situation. It could be a wake up… Read more »

Self Management – Choose Your Personal Code

Self-Management Choose Your Personal Code Focus on the things you can control. Companies have slogans and missions, but you can still have your own personal code that governs how you do your job, how you deal with others, how you handle responsibility and basically how you are going to be known in the future. When we are gone and… Read more »

I Started My First Business at 8 Years Old

It's never too early to learn the value of earning your own money.

It’s a powerful thing for children to make their own money. It’s easy for parents to get so wrapped up in school work, education, homework and getting good grades that they miss another big part of a child’s education. But kids are not going to spend their lives earning money by sitting in classrooms taking notes,… Read more »

The One Common Trait of all Great Leaders

Focus on action that drives results and you'll be on your way.

Leadership can be confusing because leaders come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of backgrounds, training, and experience. You can’t pick good leaders out of a crowd. They come from all walks of life. Some are highly educated, some aren’t. Some are highly trained, some are primarily self taught. Some have years of experience, some vey… Read more »