How Winners Manage Priorities in Life

... and Reduce Stress and Frustration

When I was starting out and building a business of my own, I knew two things: (1) There were 12 productive hours in my day. (2) I couldn’t afford to spend all 12 of them at work every day. Before my new venture, I had a job where I didn’t have a choice. I worked… Read more »

5 Questions to Expose Your Strengths and Weaknesses

What Maria Sharapova taught us about the 1 moment when character matters most.

Maria Sharapova — one of the greatest women tennis players of all time, winner of Wimbledon at 17, Olympic medalist — gave us all an important lesson four weeks ago on when your personal strengths really matter. At a press conference that most thought was going to be a retirement announcement, she told the world that… Read more »

Why Strong Relationships Matter

3 tactics to power up your best assets.

Relationship problems can kill your progress in life. On the flip side, strong relationships give you  power and reduce the number of problems you face overall. None of us will travel a completely smooth road in life. Things go wrong and put our world in a spin.  Usually the first thing we do is reach out… Read more »

12 Ways Honesty Pays Bigger Dividends

Freedom and reputation are only the beginning.

It seems like everywhere we look today our heroes are falling—publicly. Volkswagen, deflate-gate, Ashley Madison, two world bridge champions (that’s right, the card game), Atlanta educators. People and companies we trust and admire betray that trust and destroy that admiration. It’s enough to make us believe that sacrificing our values and our character is the… Read more »

Charles Barkley Understands One Thing

You can't please everybody, so you might as well be yourself.

It explains why he has no trouble speaking his mind.  Even on TV, in the social media age, he has remained his highly opinionated, vocal self. He has a dogmatic and often humorous take on everything. Never mind that he’s often wrong. He spouts off on so many subjects. Like a broken clock, he’s bound to… Read more »

Thanksgiving: A Holiday for Winners

The most successful people feel gratitude for their many blessings.

  Winners are focused on the long term, doing the right thing, building something for the future, giving back, and winners are appreciative. They appreciate good health, family, friends, the opportunity to be free and the opportunities that freedom provides. They are grateful for those who went before them and created their opportunities. “I’m grateful… Read more »

Why Steve Jobs Told Me Thanks

Everyone appreciates a gesture of thanks for their hard work. Do you take the time to give thanks? You should. In this video, I discuss how a chance encounter with Steve Jobs proves that even famous like to feel appreciated.


Even Hollywood Makes Excuses

But living in denial only makes things worse.

With some recent expensive blockbusters like Will Smith’s After Earth, Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger, Jeff Bridges in R.I.P.D. and Jamie Foxx’s White House Down bombing horribly on their opening weekends, the movie industry was reeling from the sudden, shocking news. It meant the studios and investors could lose over a hundred million dollars on each… Read more »

Self Management – Choose Your Personal Code

Self-Management Choose Your Personal Code Focus on the things you can control. Companies have slogans and missions, but you can still have your own personal code that governs how you do your job, how you deal with others, how you handle responsibility and basically how you are going to be known in the future. When we are gone and… Read more »