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How Winners Manage Priorities in Life

When I was starting out and building a business of my own, I knew two things: (1) There were 12 productive hours in my day. (2) I couldn’t afford to spend all 12 of them at work every day. Before

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Limiting Beliefs About Money Can Kill Your Progress

Limiting beliefs about money are a big weakness for some people. They don’t want to talk about money. They avoid thinking about it. They don’t want to seem too eager to get it. Some even believe that wanting it makes

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5 Questions to Expose Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Maria Sharapova — one of the greatest women tennis players of all time, winner of Wimbledon at 17, Olympic medalist — gave us all an important lesson four weeks ago on when your personal strengths really matter. At a press conference

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Why Strong Relationships Matter

Relationship problems can kill your progress in life. On the flip side, strong relationships give you  power and reduce the number of problems you face overall. None of us will travel a completely smooth road in life. Things go wrong and

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12 Ways Honesty Pays Bigger Dividends

It seems like everywhere we look today our heroes are falling—publicly. Volkswagen, deflate-gate, Ashley Madison, two world bridge champions (that’s right, the card game), Atlanta educators. People and companies we trust and admire betray that trust and destroy that admiration.

Dart stuck in the bullseye of a dart board.

Charles Barkley Understands One Thing

It explains why he has no trouble speaking his mind.  Even on TV, in the social media age, he has remained his highly opinionated, vocal self. He has a dogmatic and often humorous take on everything. Never mind that he’s


Thanksgiving: A Holiday for Winners

  Winners are focused on the long term, doing the right thing, building something for the future, giving back, and winners are appreciative. They appreciate good health, family, friends, the opportunity to be free and the opportunities that freedom provides.


Even Hollywood Makes Excuses

With some recent expensive blockbusters like Will Smith’s After Earth, Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger, Jeff Bridges in R.I.P.D. and Jamie Foxx’s White House Down bombing horribly on their opening weekends, the movie industry was reeling from the sudden, shocking news.


When It’s Not Good Enough Just to Believe

Are you tough enough to take a stand? No one was at Enron. If you have a position of influence, and don’t take a stand for what you believe, then it’s the same as not caring. You don’t have to

Daymond John Got This One Wrong

Sure, he’s made a fortune. He started with nothing but T-shirts, and built it into an international clothing empire, netting him hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s impressive in anyone’s book. So obviously, that makes him a brilliant businessman.  He

Why Did Kevin Durant Donate a Million Dollars?

The devastating tornado destroyed 2 towns, schools and lives as it rolled into Oklahoma City. There was only a 16 minute warning until the fury hit. Young school children were killed, and instantly the lives of tens of thousands were changed forever.

The No. 1 Thing No Leader Should Ever Do

No one asks leaders to be perfect. Which is good, because none of them are. Leaders are the primary big decision-makers for companies, and there’s no way they can be right all of the time. Leaders face a lot of pressure. They’ve got to keep