Why Grit Is More Important Than IQ on the Path to Success

You don’t need to have a high IQ score to be successful in life.

  How do you define success? This term has a different meaning for all of us. For some people, success is defined by career goals and accomplishments, like rising up the corporate ladder or adding zeros to their paychecks. Others see success as a state of mind. They believe that being happy and healthy is more… Read more »

3 Winning Habits for Better Results

Successful people think differently about results. It's one reason they are successful.

When I was getting started in sales leadership, I learned one of the most important habits of winners: be strategic in how you use your results. We all know we need to pay attention to them, but we don’t often think about what we could do with them to drive even bigger and better results—in… Read more »

The Great Advantage of the Underdog

Just because you start slow doesn't mean you can't win.

Talented people sometimes turn into fragile flowers. They shrivel and fade when things get tough – because they’ve gotten by so easily in life, they’ve never had to learn how to work like the rest of us. They naturally think they are better – special. When reality catches up to them, it’s a real shock. Some never… Read more »

LeBron James Goes from Weakness to Strength

If a weakness is holding you back, do something about it!

Championships are fantastic places to pick up insights on winning. Of course, you have to pay attention. It’s always revealing to listen to what the top competitors and coaches have to say, both before and after the games. The recent 2013 NBA Championship provided some great quotes and lessons. One was by Lebron James. James was… Read more »

What Makes Shaun White Great?

Ultimate effort, every time.

Shaun White is the world’s #1 action sports star. He dominates both the Winter AND Summer X-Games. He earns over $9 million per year. He has consistently won everywhere he’s competed, even the Winter Olympics! What makes him so special?There are tens of thousands of young incredibly talented athletes competing in these events. Not only popular… Read more »

How To Beat The Fear Factor

How do you keep yourself from being frozen in fear of your powerful competition? Everyone when they start, is small and insignificant compared to the people on top. The tendency for most is to look at the gap between them and the top and say, “I have no chance.” But that’s dumb. That’s letting yourself… Read more »

#1 Mark Of A Loser

The one thing you must develop to go from losing to winning in any area of your life; nobody starts with this ability. It has to be developed. 90% of the people who listen to this video still won’t get it, but if you’re in the 10%, this is going be one of the biggest… Read more »