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How to Make Your 90-Day Blitz a Success

Did you know that 90 days—or 45, or even 30—can make a lifetime of difference? Planning such a blitz at important points in your life can allow you to organize and get the most out of a compressed time frame—such

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10 Ways to Make Your Downtime More Effective

I talk a lot about what you need to do to make your life, your career or your business successful. A lot of that comes down to hard work, putting successful systems in place, and learning how to break through

Person jumping off a rocky cliff into water.

3 Dangers of Failing to Finish

One thing coaches are constantly emphasizing is the importance of finishing. They know how important it is for you to keep your focus and intensity up all the way through the finish line. They want to save you from even thinking

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3 Keys to Measuring and Tracking Your Success

“I don’t know what went wrong.” Somewhere right now, somebody is saying this, or a version of it, in response to the question, “Why did we miss our target?” It is astounding how often we hear this sentence in businesses

Active person biking in natural setting.

How Do My Strengths and Weaknesses Stack Up?

If you’ve taken the Serial Winner Assessment, you might be wondering, How do my strengths and weaknesses compare to others who’ve taken the test? Or, I’m doing pretty good … right? Or maybe, Am I normal? I’ve released some results

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Control Your Time Like a Chess Grand Master

The grand masters of chess aren’t obsessing about their next move and the exact problem it presents. They’re thinking 5, 10 and sometimes 20 moves ahead. They keep their eye out for potential danger on the horizon and constantly maneuver

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3 Steps to Greater Mental Toughness

Mental toughness has been getting more attention in the media these days, especially with all of the Navy Seals writing books. I read a great statistic recently—83% of coaches say that mental toughness is critical for “determining competitive success.” Personally, every

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Scheduling Your Success for the Year

The game of life has some rules that we all have to play by. The first rule? Time is fixed, finite. Every day has 24 hours, every year has 365 days (kind of), and every life has a specific quantity