3 Things Nick Saban’s Process Can Show You That Will Simplify Your Life

The curious habits that create a winning system anybody can copy.

Many think Nick Saban of the University of Alabama is the best college football coach in the game today. Way back in 2008, Forbes put him on the cover as “The Most Powerful Coach in Sports,” and overall he’s won five national championships. That alone might be enough to convince you he has some pretty… Read more »

Inside The Winner’s Mind

Inside the Winner’s Mind How Mental Organization Can Help You Become a Winner Have you ever said to yourself, “I wonder what they were thinking,” after seeing somebody do something extraordinarily dumb or extraordinarily great? If you could look inside a winner’s mind, you’d know exactly what they were thinking and why they thought that… Read more »

Becoming A Top Leader – Part 5A

Obviously it’s not an accident when people rise to the top of their industry and stay there. They have a “method to their madness”. Having systems can empower you. Not having or understanding systems can doom you to a lifetime of mediocrity. Here’s what winners do.

Becoming Great Is a Process

Step by step, little by little — that's how you learn and grow.

  There is only one way to greatness and it’s a process. It’s the real track to the top and it takes time. You go from ignorance to baby steps, through confusion and around frustration to mastery. It’s not a trick. It’s way beyond the “one secret.” Here’s the good news: it’s definitely possible if you… Read more »

5 Winning Leadership Skills

The go-to moves great leaders rely on.

How can some leaders win year, after year, after year? What’s the difference between them and those who only win occasionally? How is it that they can beat you with their people, and if they had to, could switch teams with you and beat you with your people? Great Leaders Aren’t Necessarily Better Than You… Read more »

The Only Way to Protect Yourself from Disasters

An extra layer of protection never hurt anyone.

A thousand-year rainstorm hit Denver last week. Roads and bridges, gone. Not damaged, but gone – forever. Thousands of homes obliterated. They’ve had massive snowstorms, and they’ve had massive fires. But never a flood. And now after the flood waters have receded, they found a parting gift: massive mildew. It was a total surprise. No one saw it… Read more »

Write Your Own Business Book

Get things done in the way that works best for you.

Anything you do in life, if you’re going to be doing it regularly, you need to develop a system for it. In the beginning, you start as a little robot doing what you’re told, because you don’t know anything and you’re learning the fundamentals from someone who does know. It’s like you’re in elementary school… Read more »