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Scheduling Your Success for the Year

The game of life has some rules that we all have to play by. The first rule? Time is fixed, finite. Every day has 24 hours, every year has 365 days (kind of), and every life has a specific quantity

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

  A young comic asked Jerry Seinfeld for some tips. What he got turned out to be advice that he has used all of his life. The young comic was Brad Isaac and he wrote about this exchange in an

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Becoming Great Is a Process

  There is only one way to greatness and it’s a process. It’s the real track to the top and it takes time. You go from ignorance to baby steps, through confusion and around frustration to mastery. It’s not a trick.


5 Winning Leadership Skills

How can some leaders win year, after year, after year? What’s the difference between them and those who only win occasionally? How is it that they can beat you with their people, and if they had to, could switch teams


The Only Way to Protect Yourself from Disasters

A thousand-year rainstorm hit Denver last week. Roads and bridges, gone. Not damaged, but gone – forever. Thousands of homes obliterated. They’ve had massive snowstorms, and they’ve had massive fires. But never a flood. And now after the flood waters have receded,


Write Your Own Business Book

Anything you do in life, if you’re going to be doing it regularly, you need to develop a system for it. In the beginning, you start as a little robot doing what you’re told, because you don’t know anything and