Can You Find Another Gear?

Moving up means stretching your limits.

The extra gear is there. Find it and use it. To make more money you’ve got to get more done. High achievers have telltale signs about them that set them apart. One of them is how hard and how fast they work. Because they’re hard focused on their target, they naturally drive themselves to move… Read more »

LeBron James Goes from Weakness to Strength

If a weakness is holding you back, do something about it!

Championships are fantastic places to pick up insights on winning. Of course, you have to pay attention. It’s always revealing to listen to what the top competitors and coaches have to say, both before and after the games. The recent 2013 NBA Championship provided some great quotes and lessons. One was by Lebron James. James was… Read more »

What Makes Shaun White Great?

Ultimate effort, every time.

Shaun White is the world’s #1 action sports star. He dominates both the Winter AND Summer X-Games. He earns over $9 million per year. He has consistently won everywhere he’s competed, even the Winter Olympics! What makes him so special?There are tens of thousands of young incredibly talented athletes competing in these events. Not only popular… Read more »

What Lesson Did Jeremy Lin Learn?

When you get your chance to shine, don't hold back.

Last year Jeremy Lin bounced around the league, getting cut twice and playing in the Development League. In December he got picked up by the Knicks who also rarely played him and twice came close to cutting him themselves. Eight games ago they were forced to start him because they had run out of players. The rest is… Read more »

Prepare Yourself: A Slump Is Coming

Use these two actions to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Most first time winners are naïve. They are so happy! They think their lives have changed forever. They believe that they have broken through, and that winning is going to become a way of life. Of course, that’s not true. The truth is that winning is a constant fight, especially for those who are new to it. They are headed… Read more »