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Creating an Action Plan for Your Goal

We all know people who pat themselves on the back for their spontaneous approach to life. (I once overheard somebody say they never wanted to own more stuff than could fit in their car.) They seem to think that creating

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4 Strategies on How to Finish What You Start

Everyone who’s ever started something knows what it’s like to never finish something. Many of us are pretty good at completing most of our tasks and undertakings, but few of us finish all of them all the time. In an

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5 Early Actions for Successful Project Planning

I compare every project to a space shuttle mission. It may seem a bit of a stretch, but the same laws of physics apply. The shuttle used 2 million pounds of solid fuel and 500,000 gallons of liquid fuel in

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6 Strategies for Turning New Employees into Winners

Growing up, I spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ farm. I watched my grandfather plant crops every year. It was amazing how much effort he had to put in during the planting season. The only other time that

Woman in active wear running up stairs.

3 Tactics for Busting Out of a Slump

Winners Avoid Slumps Like the Plague When winners sense a loss of momentum, they immediately spring into action because they know it’s going to lead to a slump, and a slump is a very bad thing—much worse than most people realize. Winners

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The MacGyver Principle of Winning

Winners find a way to the top. Bill Orender, one of the greats in my company, once told me how he starts his day. He said, “I get up every morning, go to the refrigerator, pour myself a glass of

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Success – A Learned Skill

Even if you love your business, sport or organization, there are always going to be things that have to be done to win. And those are exactly the kinds of things that the average and mediocre can’t get themselves to


Blinded by the Glamour and the Glory

By the time the most successful people reach the top, and get into the public eye, they are surrounded with glory, glamour, awards and all of the other signs of success. They seem confident and in control. It’s hard to imagine them having any

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Can You Find Another Gear?

The extra gear is there. Find it and use it. To make more money you’ve got to get more done. High achievers have telltale signs about them that set them apart. One of them is how hard and how fast

LeBron James Goes from Weakness to Strength

Championships are fantastic places to pick up insights on winning. Of course, you have to pay attention. It’s always revealing to listen to what the top competitors and coaches have to say, both before and after the games. The recent 2013

What Makes Shaun White Great?

Shaun White is the world’s #1 action sports star. He dominates both the Winter AND Summer X-Games. He earns over $9 million per year. He has consistently won everywhere he’s competed, even the Winter Olympics! What makes him so special?There are