Creating an Action Plan for Your Goal

The 6 essentials for moving from dreaming to doing

We all know people who pat themselves on the back for their spontaneous approach to life. (I once overheard somebody say they never wanted to own more stuff than could fit in their car.) They seem to think that creating an action plan for just about anything would take all the fun out of life…. Read more »

4 Strategies on How to Finish What You Start

Remember: "Almost finished" gets you almost nothing.

Everyone who’s ever started something knows what it’s like to never finish something. Many of us are pretty good at completing most of our tasks and undertakings, but few of us finish all of them all the time. In an assessment my team and I recently conducted about what it takes to succeed, 70% of… Read more »

3 Tactics for Busting Out of a Slump

Take immediate action to avoid imminent death.

Winners Avoid Slumps Like the Plague When winners sense a loss of momentum, they immediately spring into action because they know it’s going to lead to a slump, and a slump is a very bad thing—much worse than most people realize. Winners know that in life you are either growing or dying. There is no middle ground…. Read more »

The MacGyver Principle of Winning

Growth happens when we stretch our current resources to the limit.

Winners find a way to the top. Bill Orender, one of the greats in my company, once told me how he starts his day. He said, “I get up every morning, go to the refrigerator, pour myself a glass of orange juice, and remind myself that the cavalry is not riding to my rescue today.”… Read more »

How To Beat “Born Winners”

Do you ever feel like life is stacked against you? Do you ever feel like others have all the advantages and you have to fight so much harder for everything? If you find yourself thinking these things, you might be shocked to hear you have some advantages too. You can beat those with natural talent!… Read more »

Success – A Learned Skill

Doing things you don't love to do is part of the process of winning.

Even if you love your business, sport or organization, there are always going to be things that have to be done to win. And those are exactly the kinds of things that the average and mediocre can’t get themselves to do. That’s why they’ll never be you. Success is something you earn by effort. You… Read more »

Cranking Your Greatness Engine

What’s the #1 thing to focus on in order to move from good to great? What do people do to launch great careers? Is it a gradual process? Is it a sudden process? What can you do to give yourself the biggest possible chance at not just succeeding, but having spectacular success? There’s one thing… Read more »

Blinded by the Glamour and the Glory

The glare of the spotlight hides the long, rocky path to the top. 

By the time the most successful people reach the top, and get into the public eye, they are surrounded with glory, glamour, awards and all of the other signs of success. They seem confident and in control. It’s hard to imagine them having any problems, frustrations, or struggles. They come from a parallel universe where road to the top is… Read more »