Can You Find Another Gear?

Moving up means stretching your limits.

The extra gear is there. Find it and use it.

To make more money you’ve got to get more done. High achievers have telltale signs about them that set them apart. One of them is how hard and how fast they work. Because they’re hard focused on their target, they naturally drive themselves to move quickly. They don’t just work, they race.

They jump over problems; they don’t dwell on them because they are in a hurry to get to the top.

Most people are just going through the motions.

They work hard enough not to be fired. They even occasionally brag to others that they are “hard workers”—as if they need to reassure themselves. They’re convinced they are because they look around and find people who make less of an effort than they do, and so they assume: I must be a hard worker.

Bigger jobs take more energy.

Sometimes it’s hard to see what the people at the top—the high achievers, the go-getters—have that makes them special. You look and talk to them, and they don’t seem that special. They may not seem to have any unique skills.

But one thing they do have is “another gear.” They have an intensity that drives them, relentlessly. Without that, they really aren’t special. For you to join them, that’s what you’ll need.

If you want to move up, find another gear.


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