Tolerate Mediocrity and It Becomes a Friend

Mediocrity, like a cancer, spreads if unchecked.

It becomes an unwanted, permanent member of your family. And before you know it, it has lulled you to sleep and destroyed your dreams. It sneaks up on you. You won’t even remember the day or the moment you let it in, but you sure can tell when it’s there. As the saying goes “My get up and go, got up and went.” Getting beat and wasting time doesn’t bother you like it did—you just don’t care much any more.

Mediocrity spreads like a virus—like cancer, untreated and unchecked, spreads through a body. Mediocrity spreads to every phase of your life, and gradually dulls your senes and energy. The trick it uses is to get you to “settle.” Once you stop pushing for the things that motivate you and excite you in one area of your life, you start doing the same in other areas.

Make a DECISION to beat it out.
Before it ruins you forever, sucking the life joy and enthusiasm out of you, you have to rise up and make a stand. It’s an addiction that must be broken if you’re going to be free to go after greatness again.

It starts with a choice: deciding to get back on track for the things that excite you and motivate you—the things that captivate your mind.

Take ACTION to get it out.
It won’t go easy, and it won’t leave with your first effort—it has roots. Only when you start to kick it out of your life will you realize how deep it has sunk into every area.

You look around and find there are people around that have got to go. Your schedule is going to need overhauling—a major cleanup in all areas needs to occur so you can get freed up to move forward again. Change your diet, start working out—get going!

You don’t have a choice.
You’ve tasted the results of winning, and you want more. You’re not ready to give that up. You know you’re good enough, and you won’t be satisfied again until you get back on track. You may fool everyone else, but deep down inside you can’t fool yourself. You know what you need to do.

Fight mediocrity with everything you’ve got! It’s the mortal enemy of everything of value you want to do with your life.


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