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10 Ways to Make Massive Improvement to Your Team’s Performance

  Successful leaders know the go-to moves for performance improvement. They’ve perfected their methods because they’ve had to constantly improve to stay on top. For them, improving becomes automatic. It’s a way of life. They know greatness isn’t winning once—it’s

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7 Questions to Ask Other Successful Leaders

Lazy leaders are bad leaders, and one of their marks is a lack of concern about improving. Great leaders are growing leaders. They know that if they don’t get better, the team cannot continue to grow. In all areas of

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6 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

  What does it take to be a leader? Leadership encompasses a wide range of skill sets, but of above all, communication is the most important attribute of a great leader. That’s because you’re constantly communicating in order to run

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12 Tendencies of Successful Leaders

  Would it surprise you to learn that successful leaders behave differently than most people? They approach their lives differently because they know that winning is so much more fun and rewarding compared to losing that they never want to

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How the Right Fundamentals Can Change Your Life

  People with weak fundamentals are easily misled. They are inconsistent and can be easily tricked. On the other hand, people with solid fundamentals can easily distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong. As a result, they are dependable and

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How to Successfully Handle Toxic People

Toxic behavior has become an epidemic. It seems like everywhere I go, there are at least a handful of negative people in a room. You can spot them from a mile away because they all seem to have the same

Person in snow gear with backpack standing on snowy peak raising arms in triumph.

Why You Aren’t a Leader Yet and How to Become One

  The world is full of great ideas and resources for making them happen. What’s missing is effective leaders who can take these ideas, leverage the resources available to them, and organize people to make big things happen. The world

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17 Things You Should Quit Doing to be More Successful

  Winners follow leaders and people with successful track records. They copy those who have done what they want to do so they too can be more successful.  Winners aren’t necessarily better than you. They just do things differently. If

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10 Leadership Traits that Every Great Leader Needs

When you sit back to think about widely known leaders, who comes to mind? Does Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey pop in your head? From the past, what about Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill or Nelson Mandela? Does the current Pope

Hand holding 3 gold metals up in the air.

Maximum Motivation: How to Get It and Keep It

Everyone knows motivation is the key to success. When you are excited, motivated, staying positive, and looking forward to what you have to do, then you are setting yourself up for getting the results you want. But we all live

Two men shaking hands at office in front of others.

Recruiting Tips: 3 Red Flags for a Bad Recruit

“How did we miss that?” Isn’t that what we all ask when we are forced to release a new hire back into the wilds of job search land. Maybe we turn to somebody on the team and say, “Did you