Maximum Motivation: How to Get It and Keep It

How to leverage success stories–the most powerful force for motivation
The key to success is to motivate yourself

Everyone knows motivation is the key to success.

When you are excited, motivated, staying positive, and looking forward to what you have to do, then you are setting yourself up for getting the results you want.

But we all live in an imperfect world.

Things pop up on a daily basis that get us off track. We get tired. We get overwhelmed. Things go wrong.

Yet in spite of this, we must overcome these things quickly so we can keep our energy up and our activity continuing to move forward.

It’s not easy, but you have no choice but to figure out a way to handle this situation if you want to win.

So how can you keep up your enthusiasm so you have the best chance to accomplish what you want?

What You Think About is What You Do–It’s the Key to Your Motivation

A silhouette of a head made of birds, what you think is how you motivate yourself

When things go wrong, the worst thing is not the issue itself, but how it effects what we are thinking about.

We stop thinking about our next activity and start thinking about a bunch of negatives.

Once that negative spiral of thinking starts in our mind, it accelerates into all kinds of negative possibilities that will never happen, but we waste our time thinking about them anyway.

You’ve got a choice to make at this point.

You can either let your problem compound and hope that eventually time will heal your attitude or something will happen to cause you to shift back to a positive approach.

Or, you can take charge of the situation yourself and not waste time and let the problem become worse than it needs to be.

The immature approach is to just give in and feel sorry for yourself.

The mature approach is to say, ‘These things happen to everybody at one time or another. Why should I feel like I need to be on some special exempt list. It’s bad, but I’m not going to let it destroy me. I’m going to get back on track now.’

What’s the Best Way to Find Motivation and Get on a New Track?

For me and most of the high achievers I know, success stories work best. Here’s what I mean:

• What are you working for?
• Who are your role models?
• Who are the most successful people in your field
• What are their biggest, amazing accomplishments?
• Who came out of nowhere and is having incredible success?
• Who is living now the life you want and how did they get there?

This is the best place to send your mind and to jerk it out of a negative spiral of confusion.

This is how you take back control of your life and start moving forward with excitement!

It’s how you pull yourself back out of what otherwise would be a miserable dark mental hole that could paralyze your progress.

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How Success Stories Work

Here’s how they work:
• They provide a clear, positive example.
• Their example answers questions about how it happens.
• Hearing what others are doing challenges you.
• They prove it can happen.
• It makes it real, immediate, and creates a sense of urgency.
• They cause you to believe you can do it too.
• Repeating these stories to others reinforces the belief that you can do it too.

All that comes from studying success and telling success stories.

Success stories are captivating and stay with you.

Even after the flood of daily activities clutters your mind, as soon as things calm down, they return.

You start thinking about them again, and your mind goes to work on how you can use them to your advantage and your motivation returns with a bang.

The great thing is that success stories are everywhere.

No matter what you are interested in in your life, you will be able to find someone somewhere in the world succeeding in it.

The more local the success story, the better it is, but you can use success stories from anywhere.

Even though the world is full of success stories, no one really notices for long.

They notice, they nod, they say ‘that’s great’, and then they forget about it. When they do that, they miss the real power.

How to Use Success Stories to Your Advantage

Here’s how you use them to your advantage.

If it is something that occurred in an area you like and you want to get into, you need to write it down, remember it, think about it, and talk about it.

The thing about a success story is that going forward, whoever thinks about it and talks about it the most gets the biggest benefit.

Let’s say you think of a hilarious joke. You can tell it one time and get a laugh. Or you can tell it 1,000 times and get 1,000 laughs.

How I Used Success Stories to Motivate My Team

Climbing a water tower exemplifies how you need to motivate yourself to success

When I started expanding my business in North Carolina, the biggest success story was Houston.

We became obsessed with what was happening in Houston and used it as our motivation. Just like people get obsessed with top sports players.

I got more mileage out of the success in Houston than they did because I talked about it nonstop.

My people became convinced that what happened in Houston could happen to us. We saw how they got the results in Houston and started doing the same thing ourselves.

Some say we did it better.

I talked about Houston morning, noon, and night.

As a result, my people changed, and soon our results changed too.

Everyone began expecting that whatever happened in Houston, was going to happen to us in North Carolina.

That became our new normal.

We changed so much that the following year Houston was talking about us because our numbers were beating theirs in every area.

Become Obsessed with Success Stories

If you want to make people laugh, you learn some jokes, copy some from others, and tell them.

If you want to be successful, talk about success…constantly.

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Success stories are like a vast oil field waiting to be tapped.

Just like pumping oil out of the ground and refining it to create gas and electricity that drives industries, factories, and countries, in the same way you can tap into success stories and put them to work creating all kinds of great things in your life.

Success stories keep your subconscious headed in the right direction.

Don’t focus on the negatives in the world.

If you want to keep yourself, your family, your staff, or your team motivated, focus on the success stories that will keep you all headed in the right direction! What is your favorite success story that drives you to be your best? Share with me in the comments below. 

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