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How to Make Your 90-Day Blitz a Success

Did you know that 90 days—or 45, or even 30—can make a lifetime of difference? Planning such a blitz at important points in your life can allow you to organize and get the most out of a compressed time frame—such

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Boundaries — Your Key to Success

What does your typical day look like? Do you get to your desk, work through repetitive tasks, and then push through the remainder of your to-do list? Do you end the day with a clear desk and a sense of

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Creating an Action Plan for Your Goal

We all know people who pat themselves on the back for their spontaneous approach to life. (I once overheard somebody say they never wanted to own more stuff than could fit in their car.) They seem to think that creating

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3 Steps to Solve Your Daily Problems

If you’re younger than thirty, it might be hard to believe this, but not too long ago, you could walk out of your door with some cash in your pocket and your car key, and that was about it. Over

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How Winners Manage Priorities in Life

When I was starting out and building a business of my own, I knew two things: (1) There were 12 productive hours in my day. (2) I couldn’t afford to spend all 12 of them at work every day. Before

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3 Keys to Measuring and Tracking Your Success

“I don’t know what went wrong.” Somewhere right now, somebody is saying this, or a version of it, in response to the question, “Why did we miss our target?” It is astounding how often we hear this sentence in businesses

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Limiting Beliefs About Money Can Kill Your Progress

Limiting beliefs about money are a big weakness for some people. They don’t want to talk about money. They avoid thinking about it. They don’t want to seem too eager to get it. Some even believe that wanting it makes

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Scheduling Your Success for the Year

The game of life has some rules that we all have to play by. The first rule? Time is fixed, finite. Every day has 24 hours, every year has 365 days (kind of), and every life has a specific quantity

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Calling a Time Out, the Right Way

We’re in the last two weeks of the year, and you’re probably planning a break. So here is something to consider as you prepare for your time out. Our time is precious and limited. If we don’t set priorities for

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How Important Is Experience?

The Key to Greatness When I was starting out, I was told that the key to greatness was experience. Now I know that’s not the whole story, because not all encounters are equal. The times when you’ve lost or just got