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12 Tendencies of Successful Leaders

  Would it surprise you to learn that successful leaders behave differently than most people? They approach their lives differently because they know that winning is so much more fun and rewarding compared to losing that they never want to

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How to Know When Good Ideas Could Actually Be Bad

  Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the people who know when to use them are priceless. Recognizing great ideas and putting them into action is a skill you can develop. But you must be able to identify when

Woman jogging early in the morning.

Making Tough Decisions in 3 Simple Steps

Where should I live? Should I go for that promotion? What’s the right career change for me? Should I quit my job? Should I start my own business? Which of these businesses should I invest in? Should I take six

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3 Steps to Solve Your Daily Problems

If you’re younger than thirty, it might be hard to believe this, but not too long ago, you could walk out of your door with some cash in your pocket and your car key, and that was about it. Over

Person in snow gear with backpack standing on snowy peak raising arms in triumph.

3 Tough Decisions That Could Help You Improve

In 2012, Serena Williams made a tough decision. For her entire life in tennis, she had been coached by her parents, and they had done a great job. They helped her develop a winning mindset and attitude. She had worked

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Why Strong Relationships Matter

Relationship problems can kill your progress in life. On the flip side, strong relationships give you  power and reduce the number of problems you face overall. None of us will travel a completely smooth road in life. Things go wrong and

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Control Your Time Like a Chess Grand Master

The grand masters of chess aren’t obsessing about their next move and the exact problem it presents. They’re thinking 5, 10 and sometimes 20 moves ahead. They keep their eye out for potential danger on the horizon and constantly maneuver

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Calling a Time Out, the Right Way

We’re in the last two weeks of the year, and you’re probably planning a break. So here is something to consider as you prepare for your time out. Our time is precious and limited. If we don’t set priorities for

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A Bigger Hammer?

It’s not the arrow it’s the Indian. Have you heard that one? Another version of the same thing is…”it’s a bad workman that blames his tools”. I’m sure that’s true most of the time, but not always. Sometimes it’s the


Indecision Is Like Living in a Holding Pattern

Any expert will tell you, “Deal with things once.” Force yourself to make a decision. Be efficient. Stay ahead of the details. Don’t let them build up. It sounds so simple. When you try it, you find it’s half-baked advice.