3 Crazy Myths That Could Limit Your Success

Don't fall victim to these TOTALLY WRONG misconceptions.

  I couldn’t believe it. I spend a lot of time talking about why some people win and others don’t, but I’m still shocked when I see the reality playing out around me—with people so full of misinformation about winning. But that’s the way the world works, false ideas float around forever.  If you really are… Read more »

Focus: The 1st Critical Ingredient to a Great Week, Month, or Year

These 5 techniques for developing a winning focus will set you up for success.

  Have you ever considered our air traffic control system or the scope of their focus? It is an unbelievably complex system responsible for the safety of hundreds of thousands of people every day! To make it work, thousands of controllers are operating across the country, and each one has a single point of focus…. Read more »

Keep Making Adjustments for Consistent Growth

Maintain your momentum by making adjustments.

In order to stay on track and maintain your pace, you have to make adjustments. If you’re on the highway and your lane suddenly slows down, you switch lanes, right? It’s a small, simple adjustment. Small, simple, regular adjustments are the key to consistent growth and progress. Serial winners rely on small adjustments. Small adjustments… Read more »

The Serial Winner Assessment

Do you have the skills and mindset to achieve success again and again?

Becoming a serial winner isn’t easy. Some of the mindset and behaviors might come naturally to you, but most of us stumble, hit walls, get stuck, and feel confused. We find ourselves asking, Why am I still struggling with this? or What am I missing? This assessment is a tool for parting the fog and getting… Read more »

Great Teams Have One Thing in Common

Coach for it and watch your team grow from good to great.

The type of team doesn’t matter—business, professional sports, volunteers, Fantasy Football. The type of industry you’re in doesn’t matter. The size of the team doesn’t matter. To be great, any team needs just one thing: a high percentage of star players. All good teams have at least a few stars—the serial winners. All great teams… Read more »

The Serial Winner Infographic

The Cycle of Winning explained.

Next week, on October 20, Serial Winner hits bookstore shelves, ships from Amazon warehouses, becomes downloadable as an ebook, gets carried by carrier pigeon … In preparation, we created the Serial Winner Infographic. It reveals the Cycle of Winning and how winners achieve what they do. Download a full-sized, printable version here. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Serial Winner,… Read more »