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To Achieve Your Goals, Do The Right First Steps

The ability for you to achieve the goals in your mind is an absolutely necessary skill for you to develop. If you can’t make things happen, your life is not going to amount to much. The rewards, the joys, the

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3 Crazy Myths That Could Limit Your Success

  I couldn’t believe it. I spend a lot of time talking about why some people win and others don’t, but I’m still shocked when I see the reality playing out around me—with people so full of misinformation about winning. But

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Keep Making Adjustments for Consistent Growth

In order to stay on track and maintain your pace, you have to make adjustments. If you’re on the highway and your lane suddenly slows down, you switch lanes, right? It’s a small, simple adjustment. Small, simple, regular adjustments are

Ocean waves gently rolling onto the beach with sun on horizon.

Measure Your Performance: How Goal Setting Pays Off

Hard Work Does Pay Off My Uncle Martin may have been a farmer, but he knew more about managing for performance than a lot of the corporate executives I’ve met in life. Everybody got paid for what they picked. To

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How to Improve for Long Term Success

My son, Adam, is a competitive bodybuilder. An approach to progress in his world is, “train to failure.” What does this mean? In order to build muscle and strength, you have to lift a weight until you absolutely cannot do it

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The Serial Winner Assessment

Becoming a serial winner isn’t easy. Some of the mindset and behaviors might come naturally to you, but most of us stumble, hit walls, get stuck, and feel confused. We find ourselves asking, Why am I still struggling with this? or

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Great Teams Have One Thing in Common

The type of team doesn’t matter—business, professional sports, volunteers, Fantasy Football. The type of industry you’re in doesn’t matter. The size of the team doesn’t matter. To be great, any team needs just one thing: a high percentage of star

Sports team celebrating and holding trophy.

The Serial Winner Infographic

Next week, on October 20, Serial Winner hits bookstore shelves, ships from Amazon warehouses, becomes downloadable as an ebook, gets carried by carrier pigeon … In preparation, we created the Serial Winner Infographic. It reveals the Cycle of Winning and how winners achieve what they do.