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Ocean waves gently rolling onto the beach with sun on horizon.

Being Good Enough – Inspired to Succeed

What is the most frustrating thing for you on your personal journey to success? Is it seeing someone else who has achieved great things and wondering how they got there? They make it look so easy — they have a

Dart stuck in the bullseye of a dart board.

5 Questions to Expose Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Maria Sharapova — one of the greatest women tennis players of all time, winner of Wimbledon at 17, Olympic medalist — gave us all an important lesson four weeks ago on when your personal strengths really matter. At a press conference

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Give Yourself This Crucial Advantage for the New Year

It’s that time of year again. Everybody is doing it. Every big news outlet, most bloggers, analysts of all sorts, late-night talk-show hosts, comedians. So why not get in on the action? What am I talking about? Top ten lists!

Ocean waves gently rolling onto the beach with sun on horizon.

Take a Tip from the Two-Time World Champion Miami Heat

When you win championships you win respect. Especially when you win back-to-back championships. That’s what the Miami Heat has done. Everyone has ideas, but when you pick up ideas from champions, you have to pay a little more attention. This


Thanksgiving: A Holiday for Winners

  Winners are focused on the long term, doing the right thing, building something for the future, giving back, and winners are appreciative. They appreciate good health, family, friends, the opportunity to be free and the opportunities that freedom provides.


When It’s Not Good Enough Just to Believe

Are you tough enough to take a stand? No one was at Enron. If you have a position of influence, and don’t take a stand for what you believe, then it’s the same as not caring. You don’t have to

Why Did Kevin Durant Donate a Million Dollars?

The devastating tornado destroyed 2 towns, schools and lives as it rolled into Oklahoma City. There was only a 16 minute warning until the fury hit. Young school children were killed, and instantly the lives of tens of thousands were changed forever.

The #1 Reason to Forgive

You’re not perfect and you need forgiveness too. You’ll be making mistakes too. You haven’t been accused of living the perfect life have you? Then, you’re also going to need those around you to cut you some slack. That’s more likely

Jim Valvano’s Dad Packed His Bags

Coach Jim Valvano was a dreamer. It started in high school. At 16 years old he heard a talk by Olympic Champion Bob Richards. Bob told them, “God must love ordinary people because he made so many of us. Yet,