Why Did Kevin Durant Donate a Million Dollars?

Being a one-percenter ain't all bad.

The devastating tornado destroyed 2 towns, schools and lives as it rolled into Oklahoma City. There was only a 16 minute warning until the fury hit. Young school children were killed, and instantly the lives of tens of thousands were changed forever.

So Kevin Durant made a huge donation.

He did it because he cares.
Kevin took this personally – this is where he lives. He plays professional basketball there and is a part of the community. He knows the people – he’s made this his home, and now a big part of it has taken a mortal blow. Everyone rushed into help, but help requires money. There’s always going to be more need than resources that pour in from the government, churches and other support groups. And private citizens often are the ones to make the difference. Kevin wanted to help, and he did, in a big way.

He did it because he could.
When you drive yourself and achieve extraordinary success, you sometimes generate extraordinary income. Kevin has done that. He makes millions of dollars every year, so when it came time for him to get involved and write a check, he could write a big one.

Of course, lots of other people are giving their money and time too, but one benefit of being a one-percenters is being able to do big things to help communities.

Kevin’s a one-percenter. There are those who think that’s a bad thing, but I wonder how many of them are able to make such a dramatic impact when disaster strikes?

Kevin wrote the check because he cared and because he could.

The people in Oklahoma sure wish there were more people like Kevin Durant.

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