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Why Did John Fox Get Fired?

Once you see and understand the gap between good and great, you find it impossible to settle for second best. It took John Elway 16 years as a professional to find out the difference between Super Bowl winning teams and

goal setting

Stay On Track – Make This Your Greatest Year

The Key to Staying on Track Making This Your Greatest Year It can be difficult to stay on track. How many times do you get sidetracked after launching with a great plan? The solution is to get mentally organized so you can absorb


Inside The Winner’s Mind

Inside the Winner’s Mind How Mental Organization Can Help You Become a Winner Have you ever said to yourself, “I wonder what they were thinking,” after seeing somebody do something extraordinarily dumb or extraordinarily great? If you could look inside


Simple Differences That Turn Losers Into Winners

The more clearly you see the differences in how losers and winners approach things, the easier it is for you to make the right choices in how you approach things. Winning is a choice. It’s easy to slide into losing


The 80/20 Rule

  The 80/20 Rule Stop Holding Yourself Back Most people have heard of ‘The 80/20 Rule’, but they’ve never really thought about how to use it to transform their income. The 80/20 rule can be applied to change your entire


How To Go From Mediocre To Great

In a world filled with mediocrity, greatness really stands out. Here’s how those who do great things separate themselves from the masses. Once you see what it takes, you might be surprised at how close you actually are.


How To Go From Can’t To Can

  How to Go From Can’t to Can Increasing Your Confidence Have you ever wanted to do something but felt like you wouldn’t excel at it? Have you ever started something and never finished it because it got too tough?


How To Beat “Born Winners”

Do you ever feel like life is stacked against you? Do you ever feel like others have all the advantages and you have to fight so much harder for everything? If you find yourself thinking these things, you might be


Why You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Why You Don’t Need to Know Everything Training in Steps Like little birds chirping in their nest desperatly hungry for their mother to feed them, most new people start out with an overwhelming desire for training. Train me! Train me!