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We Can Only Be Great Doing Things We Really Want To Do

Every big idea starts out as a whim: “Hmm, wouldn’t that be great?” Until we follow the idea, we can’t be sure if we actually want it. In other words, it’s important to follow your natural curiosity. We all have different

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How to Stop Procrastinating & Boost Your Enthusiasm

It seems like such an easy thing to do. Go to Google, type in “how to stop procrastinating,” and boom—up pops lots of tips and tricks to solve a problem. But for many, those tricks aren’t much help. Why is that?


Indecision Is Like Living in a Holding Pattern

Any expert will tell you, “Deal with things once.” Force yourself to make a decision. Be efficient. Stay ahead of the details. Don’t let them build up. It sounds so simple. When you try it, you find it’s half-baked advice.


Do You Know the No. 1 Payoff for Winning?

Most can’t think beyond the first things. The trophy! The payoff! The acclaim! The vindication! You proved to yourself and everyone else that you could do it. You silenced the critics. First time winners often go into a depression soon after.

7 Keys to Avoiding the Winner’s Trap

It’s not unusual for winners to get distracted just enough, just slightly, from doing the things that got them to the top. Mediocrity sneaks up on the unsuspecting winner by flooding them with new opportunities. They lose what would seem to others an imperceptible amount of their

How You Can Become a Magic Maker

To do great things, you don’t need new ideas or more money. The world is full of people, ideas and money. No shortage whatsoever. But by themselves, if not put to use, nothing happens. They just waste away. There’s a missing ingredient: