How You Can Become a Magic Maker

Be a leader who pulls resources together and makes something unexpected happen.

To do great things, you don’t need new ideas or more money. The world is full of people, ideas and money. No shortage whatsoever.

But by themselves, if not put to use, nothing happens. They just waste away. There’s a missing ingredient: a leader.

Leaders are the catalysts, they make great things happen. They pull together money, ideas and  people to make positive things happen. That’s why leadership is such a valuable commodity.

The world is full of opportunity and things that need to be done.

The only thing holding progress back is lack of leadership. There’s not a small shortage… there’s a worldwide massive shortage. You could help fill the void. You could be somebody who makes new, unexpected magic happen.

Look at these empires:
Ray Kroc built McDonald’s into a worldwide dominating restaurant business. He got financing, bought the franchise form the McDonald Brothers, and started adding people. Colonel Sanders did the same with Kentucky Fried Chicken. He started at age 65 after getting his first social security check. He started with a recipe. Everything else he needed, he found. It was already out there. He just rounded them all up, and worked through them to create his global fried chicken empire.

The list is endless. Howard Shultz did it with Starbucks, Sam Walton with Walmart. How about Bill Gates and Paul Allen with Microsoft, Jeff Bezos with Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin with Google, Steve Jobs with Apple, Michael Dell with Dell Computers, and Fred Smith with FedEX.

Other people, other people’s ideas, other people’s money. Think about the millions of people involved in these enterprises. Think about all the billions of dollars of financing. Think about all of the hundreds of thousands of ideas used to keep these operations humming, growing and flourishing.

Where were they before these giants came along? Right there. Laying around. Waiting to be put to work and used. On the other hand, where would all the people, money and ideas be and what would they be doing if these leaders hadn’t come along?

Think about it, why can’t you become a leader? Why can’t you become someone who makes the magic happen?

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