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Build Your Confidence by Identifying Your Strengths

  Self-confidence comes from knowing you have the ability to succeed. Without it, you’re less likely to try new things, seize opportunities, take risks, or go for the things you really want in life. Understanding how to build your confidence

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Why You Aren’t a Leader Yet and How to Become One

  The world is full of great ideas and resources for making them happen. What’s missing is effective leaders who can take these ideas, leverage the resources available to them, and organize people to make big things happen. The world

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15 Habits of Highly Confident People

  There is a direct correlation between confidence and winning. Winners aren’t necessarily better than you. They just do things differently. They think differently, work differently, schedule differently, and react differently. Not everyone will win, but those willing to pay

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Improve Yourself by Confronting the Biggest Hurdle

Bullet Bob Turley, hall-of-fame pitcher for the New York Yankees, helped found the company I work for and mentored me for many years. If you wanted to improve yourself, he had decades of wisdom to share. I think of him

Woman working at shared desk.

The Question You Need to Ask to Achieve Your Goals

If you want to achieve your goals — faster, with better results, and with a bigger impact — you have to give your brain what it wants: the answer to one all-important question. Oprah Winfrey saw it in action with

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It’s Time to Launch Your Attack on the Year!

We’re 18 days into the year. What have you done so far? What progress have you made? Are you saying to yourself, “Well, it’s still early,” or are you saying, “Whoa, we’re 18 days in! I’ve got to get moving!”

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Give Yourself This Crucial Advantage for the New Year

It’s that time of year again. Everybody is doing it. Every big news outlet, most bloggers, analysts of all sorts, late-night talk-show hosts, comedians. So why not get in on the action? What am I talking about? Top ten lists!

Woman jogging early in the morning.

Can You Depend on Your “Self”?

The most successful people rely on themselves first. Does that sound lonely or egocentric? It isn’t. You’ve got one life, and it’s all yours. Why would you want to turn control of it over to somebody else? Winners know that nobody will

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The 1% That Makes All the Difference

I have always loved watching interviews with PGA golfer Paul Goydos. He’s funny and his insights are dead on. Seven or eight years ago, he was being asked in interviews what made Tiger Woods better than most players. He said,

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How Important Is Experience?

The Key to Greatness When I was starting out, I was told that the key to greatness was experience. Now I know that’s not the whole story, because not all encounters are equal. The times when you’ve lost or just got

Jockey on a horse in a race around a track.

5 Things to Know About Secrets

1. There are a lot of Secrets. Depending on where you are and what your next goal is, there will be insights and ideas that exactly fit your needs. It’s like driving somewhere new. Until you learn the way, it’s

Dart stuck in the bullseye of a dart board.

Charles Barkley Understands One Thing

It explains why he has no trouble speaking his mind.  Even on TV, in the social media age, he has remained his highly opinionated, vocal self. He has a dogmatic and often humorous take on everything. Never mind that he’s