5 Things to Know About Secrets

The most important secret is your own, the one that works for you.

1. There are a lot of Secrets.

Depending on where you are and what your next goal is, there will be insights and ideas that exactly fit your needs.

It’s like driving somewhere new. Until you learn the way, it’s nice to get some directions from someone who has been there before.

2. What’s a Secret for you may be old news to someone else.

We all have different backgrounds, abilities and skills. What is obvious to one may be a revelation to another.

A friend of mine who was a ski instructor told me how this worked with skiing. He said someone can come out and get lessons for years, gradually developing technique. Then one year they’ll get a lesson from a random instructor who’ll point out the one, last missing piece of technique they hadn’t quite mastered yet. All of a sudden, all of their years of training come together and they can really ski!

They are thrilled and excited! In their enthusiasm, they proclaim this instructor THE BEST EVER, forgetting all those who had worked with them to get them up to that point. They also pronounce that last piece of information as THE SECRET, THE KEY TO ALL SKIING! They are right in the fact that it is THE SECRET for them…but it may be totally different for someone else.

So what you are looking for is YOUR secret. That’s the only one you need. The thing that will get you from where you are to where you want to go.

3. A Secret won’t save you from work.

Many of those climbing to the top think that once they find THE SECRET,  they will have arrived, and their life will change forever. They will be transformed. Worlds of success will open to them.

That actually could happen for them, but it won’t happen immediately. It’s like finding medicine. It’s no good until you take it and give it time to work.

Once you learn your secret, you still have to apply it. You still have to go through the repetitions. You still have to do all the work.

4. You have to fight to get your most important Secrets.

Starting out, you find many secrets, tricks of the trade and ideas to help you move up fast. But the last secret is the most important. For you it’s THE Secret because it’s the last piece of your puzzle.

No one else will know what you’re missing, so it’s up to you to probe, ask questions and dig for answers.

You know you’ve found YOUR SECRET when the results really take off!

Things you’ve struggled with will become easy. All of your hard work starts paying off. You’ll look back and see others struggling like you did…but you’ve now moved on.

5. Secrets can help you fly.

They can change your life and here’s how. The key to success in anything is to work yourself up to a level of daily activity that allows you to be successful. Secrets help you be more efficient and get more done. They help you minimize distractions, simplify your activity and move faster. Like a bird flapping it’s wings, until you reach a certain speed, you’ll never get off the ground.

Once you figure that out, you can fly.


So…have you found your secret?

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