Young people moving up in life are attracted to winners.  

The people at the top of any profession always grab the attention of those on the way up and they’re the role models. They’re the inspiration. They show how you can be successful. They give you a template, an example of success. 

One of the greatest ways to learn is by mimicking.  

In fact, that’s how we learn as children; that’s how we learn most of what we learned to walk, talk, interact with others, what’s right, what’s wrong. We learned from mimicking others. Now, that’s a fantastic way to learn as long as you don’t go overboard. The important point is to realize that although you can learn from others—you can copy techniques, ideas, mannerisms, phrases, words, ideas, concepts, schedules, thinking, planning from others but you can never be them.  

You can only be you.  

You are totally unique in the history of the world. Only you were born where you were born, at the time you were born, to the parents you were born to, with or without the brothers and sisters you have, with or without the aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. in your extended family. Only you grew up in the schoolsystem you grew up with and had the teachers you had, the church you went to, the friends you had and the experiences you had.  

All of these things have a tremendous impact on forming you.  

It starts with genetics. Only you have that unique DNA combination of genetics that came from your parents. There could be 20 children in the family yet they will all have their distinct unique personalities and views of the world. There is no one who has ever lived who is exactly like you. So what does that mean?  

That means no one knows what your potential is.  

No one knows what you could be great at.  No one knows how you could impact the world. No one knows what your possibilities are.  There’s no way of knowing what level of success you can have in life because there’s never in the history of the world been anyone exactly like you. Your joy, your opportunity, your privilege as you live your life is to find out exactly what the answers are to all of those questions.

Go and live your life to the fullness. Be you and find out what that you really is.

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