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BusinessLarry Weidel: I’m with Matt Gore who is the President and founder of his own business, Nightglass Media Production and who has had the privilege of dealing with many different kinds of business leaders.  

We think of the actual facility or store but that’s not really what the company is all about.  It’s really about the people.  When you deal with companies, you’re dealing with the CEOs, the founders, and the actual people that run those companies.  That has to be an eye opener for you and helps you in terms of informing yourself about how to handle various challenges that come along.

How has that been for you? What’s been some of the big takeaways you picked up from those experiences.

Matt Gore: Well, we made the decision to start learning from these leaders probably after we’d been in business about six or seven years.

I was jazzed about working with companies and helping provide for them, how they sold what they were doing, how they communicated with their people, how they marketed their products and how they got business done every day.

Because we were working with that kind of business and those kinds of people, I really kind of felt that I started becoming a pretty good businessman because you start listening to how these CEOs and people, other entrepreneurs that start big companies, how they think, how they move, how they structure their business.

You begin seeing these patterns emerge, and I was like, “Oh, wait a minute. I need to be applying these solutions to how I run my business.”

So the sort of core benefit of that was that I began understanding how to better help those businessmen run, operate and communicate their stories of their business and their product because I was learning about business myself. In fact, we still, to this day say, “look, we’re very creative. We’re very good at what we do at creating images and telling stories.”

But we also really pride ourselves on being really, really good businessmen and women. And that’s how we help a company do their jobs better. We’re not just producing pretty pictures.

Anybody can produce pretty pictures that have some skill.

Anybody can take a great shot and compose a great shot and write a great line of copy if they have some of that skill, but learning how to actually turn the knob that that business needs turned with that communication is a different story.

The math says that video tells your story Click To Tweet

And I really think that’s been what our advantage and what our sort of uniqueness or edge in the market has been especially the last 10 or 12 years.

LW: When you find companies like that, what are some of the things that have been neglected? The kind of common things you would run into that can be fixed to create new energy top to bottom about the company, the mission, and as a result, drive bigger growth.

MG: The biggest problems most companies have is they have these amazing stories of their company,  their product or their service. They’re simply not telling them because they’re still living in this world where we’ll put it on the website, run an ad, we’ll put something in a trade magazine or something like that.

The math says that video tells that story and does that communication so exponentially better than any of the other mediums right now.  It’s crazy.


We’re talking 10 and 12 and 15 fold the amount of results for video versus almost any other medium. The result is that companies can gain tremendous ground in how they communicate their stories.

So really much of what’s happening right now is just companies using video to let the world know what they’re all about.  Just start telling your story and you will see some amazing results.

It’s simply at this point, no one wants to read and no one wants to just look at that standard sort of static images and everything now is being consumed on the mobile devices.

Learning how to tell those stories and how to get your story out there gives you a big advantage.

That’s really the big play right now that you would think that in today’s world, you wouldn’t be just giving that sort of basic message over and over.  But it’s the truth. That’s what most people are not doing.

They’re simply not communicating.

LW: When you say not communicating is this something they can they do themselves to start thinking, moving in this direction?

What would they find themselves doing more of rather than just running an ad here or the standard type posts on social media? What could they shift to?

MG: Let’s just pick an example. Someone has a new product.  In order for someone to buy your product, they need to see how it works or what the advantages are.  Simply just telling that story in new, unique ways, demonstrating how it works.

There’s usually someone in the organization, a fairly charismatic leader. Instead of hiring spokespersons or hiring paid talent, start working on you telling that story yourself.   I think it really brings an authenticity to the story that people appreciate.

Explain how your product works and show it in demonstrations.

Then the next thing is start talking to your customers and show stories from satisfied customers of what they think of your product and how they use it.

From there, I think you just start building on that, and I think new ideas pop out of that on how you can communicate.


Companies do not understand that. Although the way we communicate really hasn’t changed in a lot of ways from a video standpoint and a hundred years, what has changed is your access.  Most small business have no idea how cheap and how inexpensively they can go from reaching 600 people to reaching 25 or 30 or 50 or a hundred thousand people for pennies.

That’s a story that all those out there on the internet. And if you dig far enough, you can find it.

I meet business people and small entrepreneurs every day that still have no idea that that’s how that works. Even paying for attention is sort of like the process is the same.

It’s just become so much less expensive where anybody can access it any time it’s foolish to not be doing it.

LW: Exactly. Thanks for those behind the scenes insights, Matt!

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