Is it the big PDA? 

You know the phrase, “Public Display of Affection.” You’re in a movie or out in the mall and there they are…groping and pawing each other like crazy. Is this real love? No, that’s lust. That’s a frenzy. That’s raging hormones having a field day. They may be in love, they may be just falling in love, but you can’t really tell by the PDA.

Is it “like” or is it “love”?
We accumulate all kinds of friends and acquaintances as we go through life: 

  • People we work with
  • People in our family
  • People we do recreation with
  • People we see at church 

There are many people that we just enjoy spending time with.
We laugh together. We go on trips together. We go to dinner together. We call on each other for help in times of need. We take turns shuffling each other’s kids back and forth to school and after school activities. All of these interactions add depth, quality and real enjoyment to our lives. But who among this sea of humanity are the ones who really love us?   

Is there any way you can really tell?
Absolutely! It’s simple. It’s obvious and it can’t be faked. You don’t find out how people really feel about you when you are at your best. When you are healthy, in great shape, energized, entertaining, even telling funny jokes…everybody “loves” you then. But why? It’s because you’re easy to love. You are just one big happy, lovable sack of humanity. What’s not to love?

But that “love” is not really love.
You find that out when you become not quite so lovable. When you’re depressed and irritable. When you’re going through tough times at work or with your family. When you’re fighting an illness. When you’re down for any one of a million reasons…that’s when you find out who loves you and it will be a much smaller number.

Love suffers long, and is kind. (1 Corinthians 13:4)

The one good thing about going through bad times is that those are the moments you get to find out who it is that REALLY loves you!

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