Overdoing Makes Winners

with Marketing Expert Vignesh Kumar

GetThe following is a conversation between Larry and Vignesh Kumar from episode #11 of the MDM podcast.

LW: We’re with Vignesh Kumar today and we’re going to be talking about how to develop business techniques that will help you succeed. 

People come to you and they’ve been successful, they’ve got some revenues, but they’re stalled out and they need to get going. They don’t stay on track, they’ll get to a certain point and then they’ll just stop.

There’s certain patterns that successful people run into.

Just knowing a few of these things, being aware of them can make all the difference in the world.

If you do it continually, you get the efforts. Your efforts can compound and grow. You can get better and bigger.

VK: That’s one of the biggest things that happens for people we work with. For example, they might have started a business or worked really hard on it, then for some reason or another, they get sidetracked.

They lose focus on what made them great and what ends up happening is they stop doing what makes them great and what made them successful.

Then eventually what happens is they slowly go down. When they get subconsciously distracted by something else, they stop subconsciously doing the thing that made them successful.

The best way I can explain that is flipping burgers at McDonald’s.  The owner doesn’t do that anymore, but he pretty much had a lot of people doing it for him because he knows it makes him money.

So you operationalize the thing that makes the money for the business.   And that’s how we make sure that they’re successful.

LW: One thing to realize is if you’re going to make a million dollars, you’re going to have some repetitive function in there.

It’s over and over and over and over again.  That’s the kind of the combo.

You’re probably going to get sick of repetitive function, but it’s still gotta be done.

Let me get a system;  let me teach some people that are reliable.

Otherwise I’m going to slide right back down that pole and you don’t want that.

When you let your grip get off of what you’re doing, you could slide down the flagpole back down to the bottom very, very quickly.

That’s why the one thing that’s always a principle in my book is you always personally gravitated to, that you always do, is the over do it principle.


VK:  If I need three people, I’m going to teach seven people to do the thing that makes the money right.  And brings in the revenue. That’s the key.

If they run a million or your business, what they’ll do is they’ll try to do everything themselves.  Or they’ll probably hire like one other person and or two other people and teach them and then keep that going.

But they will not hire seven people and say, “listen, I only need three people to do this, but I need you guys to overdo and basically put all of your time, effort, energy to do this thing that makes this business work.”

I think is a big distinction that you just pointed out.  Why overdoing is important. That’s why if it is important, it needs to be done.  It’s not done by one person or three people. It is better be done by seven people, eight people, even 10 people, 20 people.

Overdoing that thing that works is never going to really hurt you.

Overdoing is super important and a lot of people don't do anything. Click To Tweet

That’s kind of the gist of that. Caught up in what other people are doing and what other people’s scorecards are, what they’re doing right now, or they’re gossiping about their friends and X, Y, Z.  But if you look at their own lives, they don’t actually end up doing anything.

So just by you doing anything at all, you put yourself a couple of points ahead of the people who don’t do anything and just talk about stuff.

And then when you actually start figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and start focusing on what does work and then overdoing those things.

Bring someone else in to do it with you, and then bring four more people to do it for you.

That’s what makes a business grow because you can add more people at any time you want to.  I think that is super important.

Now, when you keep overdoing stuff over an extended period of time people outside of you, people who are your friends, they won’t really notice the noticeable difference.

They won’t really notice the difference immediately, but over a year, two years, guess what? You will be like the 1 percent of your industry.

Bring more people to do things with you and then get more people to help you out.

And by doing that, you’re going to end up with really superior results that other people just will not get, will not see at all.


LW: And now the thing is with life being unfair, the takeaway for that is people approach their business, their life. It’s unfair in the sense of the disproportionate high returns that are given to the people at the top.

One way of looking at that is life is perfectly fair because only one person out of a hundred will drive themselves that much.

And so the other side of it is, you could say, you got to have the one person who is like Tiger Woods. I’ve got a friend who is a club fitter for Tiger Woods.

He’ll spend days talking to Tiger Woods. Tiger will look him in the eye and say “the reason I beat everyone is that I outworked everybody”. 

When I started coming up, nobody else worked as hard. He said, “I would work. I would have six practice sessions a day.  I get up before light in the morning. I work till dark at night, and I knew I was out working.”  

And he put meticulous detail in every single thing.

They talk about the things he did to analyze, how to get the best performance just out of a shoe.

He’s got 75 different modifications he does on the shoes that Nike is not allowed to put on any shoes they make for the public, but they do for Tiger Woods because he knows what gives him a little advantage.

One way of looking at it, Vignesh, is that the people’s life is unfair because most people do not push themselves that get that refined and that sharp and that focused.

But it’s exciting for the people who do that, that opportunity is available for you. If you’ll make that effort, you’ll push it. Then you’ve got the chance to cash in on all of that.

So you know, you can make yourself special by how you approach things.

That’s the message of the million dollar mastermind podcast is that you can control for your thinking and for your activity, where you go in life.

And that’s pretty exciting once you get that concept down.

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