The best people to recruit are those who are “hungry.”

When you’re hungry for more, you work harder. When you’re hungry for more you are worth more than your current results because you’re someone who’s going to be doing the things that will make you much more valuable in the future. It’s the people who are hungry today and driving to get better, and as a result they become the bigger producers tomorrow.

An organization that has hungry people will grow.

That’s because hungry people put more intense energy and effort into their activity. They invest more because they want to move up. They are paying the price of greatness in advance, and it energizes the team. It may not show up in production yet; however it does show up in attitude, energy and excitement.

Take that added extra energy and excitement and run with it.

Teams that are running off just enough energy and excitement to get the job done today are at their peak. They are doing just what it takes to get by to get the job done today. They aren’t headed for bigger and better things. A leader who is sensitive to attitudes, activity, energy, and effort can tell that his team hasn’t peaked. He can tell it’s headed for bigger and better things.

Growth only comes from hungry people.

If there is an extra dimension of energy in the organization, it will come from one source: the people on the team who are hungry for more.

If you want your team to grow, get some hungry people.

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