Big events are always great times to remind ourselves of the realities of success and life.

It’s easy to forget some of even the biggest and most important laws that govern success. Here are a few of the principles on display now as Apple releases the new iPad.

1. It’s a race to stay on top.
Apple has exploded to a net worth of $500 billion. Their products dominate their categories. Why should they worry? Because the competition is coming fast. If Apple slows down they’ll be caught. They competition has studied Apple with a microscope and are learning how they are getting beat. They are making adjustments, copying Apple’s successful strategies and products. Plus they have their own ideas on how to “do it better.” If Apple wants to stay on top they have to stay on the attack with newer and better products to hold the public’s interest or they will be come old news fast.

2. In the free enterprise system you have to prove yourself every day.
The critics won’t give you a break because you’ve been great in the past. Everyone is looking for signs of weakness. Every new statement, decision and product is going to be analyzed by every industry-insider, guru, and product reviewer. Each feature will be held up to the light and examined for any flaw. If you don’t deliver they will catch it and trumpet their discovery to the world. Your reputation rises and falls on how well your new product performs.

3. There’s no sympathy for Goliath.
No one is shedding tears for former dominator Microsoft. It wasn’t long ago that Steve Jobs was going hat in hand to competitor Bill Gates asking for a $150 million loan to keep Apple solvent. Microsoft was under government pressure for being a monopoly so Gates thought why not? At least it would keep Apple in the game and keep up the pretense that Microsoft had a competitor, which Gates clearly not consider Apple to be.

But now, the tables have turned. Apple is the dominator. Apple is the hot, hot, hot company and where is Microsoft…lagging behind. And who cares? Microsoft’s stockholders. But competition is good…watch Microsoft..don’t count them out.

4. The importance of the Leader.
Apple is a global, monstrous, huge company! It’s full of dynamic, creative powerful people, each pushing their own ideas, products and innovations. Who is the one who pulls them together and sets priorities? Who is it who has to make the final call on which new product? Who makes the ultimate decision on what features, what design and when will it be released? It comes down to a person. Someone makes the call.

It’s a huge gamble every time. With the right leader making the right calls…incredible success! The wrong leader….disaster. It’s interesting to notice what’s happened to Microsoft over the years that Gates became less involved and finally left to work at his foundation full time. Put your own analysis on it, but it’s not impressive. Now compare that to how Apple has turned around from near bankruptcy to world dominator once Steve Jobs returned as CEO. It makes a huge difference who is in charge…don’t you think?

5. The consumer gets the final say.
Everything hinges on the public. Will they buy it? What do they think? How much do they like it? Do they spread the word to their friends? Do they come up with new and innovative uses for it? The critics may love it or hate it. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is what do you think? What do your friends think?

When the original iPad came out, many of the critics were lukewarm. They didn’t get it. They didn’t think it was necessary, not that unique, thought the name was odd, etc. Steve Jobs was initially depressed and confused by their response. It didn’t matter. The public LOVED it! They sold, and still sell like hotcakes. The public found all kinds of new ways to use it. The App store exploded with apps. It all proves the point…the public gets the final say.

These 5 Lessons never change and if you want to win, don’t let yourself forget them!

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