Sometimes a parent knows just what their child needs to hear.

As a young teenager, 2012 Masters Champion Bubba Watson’s dad told him “Son, you’ll either be a follower or leader, so be a leader…they make more money.”

He also told him “If you succeed early…you can retire early…and then have lots of time to do all the fun things.”

Kids don’t often pay attention to their parents
But fortunately Bubba was the exception. He listened. It turns out that what his old ex-Green Beret dad told him made a big impact. As a result, Bubba was driven to get ahead all through High School. While the other kids were partying on the weekends, he was turning in early, getting up early and playing lots of golf. He had his eye on the bigger fun that could be had down the road.

Now it’s happening.
His dad painted the picture and Bubba decided that’s what he wanted. Now the years of sacrifice have paid off. He’s started winning tournaments, even won his first major…The Masters. He’s at the top of the golf world, on television interview shows with Letterman, Leno and the rest. Celebrities all want to be his friend. He got a great family…even a new son! He’s living a dream life.

It doesn’t happen that way for everyone.
Success is never guaranteed. The odds against anyone winning big like this are staggering, but it does happen. It doesn’t happen however to those who haven’t prepared. Not every child is motivated to do great things. Very few would be mature enough to even understand if you explained these things to them.

But all kids deserve the chance to choose for themselves.
Take the time. Talk to them about their future and give them something to think about. See if it strikes a chord. Who knows? Your son or daughter may come alive with purpose and get on track to do great things if you give them the option. Sometimes it just takes a short conversation to light the fire of greatness in them. Bubba’s dad did and look what happened. 

Unfortunately he died of throat cancer two years ago and never got to see his son’s greatest victory, but he was a big part of it, just the same.

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