You know winners never quit, but SOMETHING has to change!

Things happenFew people stay at the same job forever. There tons of reason why people make changes. 

  • They go as far as they can go at a certain company. Maybe they were so talented that they moved up the ladder so fast that now they will have to wait years before the person in front of them moves on, so now they are stuck…time to move on. 
  • Sometimes the company changes Leadership, re-organizes departments and now your situation is not as promising or enjoyable as it once was.
  • Sometimes companies downsize and eliminate jobs. They eliminate personnel and load up responsibilities on those that stay. You may not like the increase work load.
  • Sometimes you get stagnant. You have mastered your position so well you now can do it blindfolded. You are bored and looking for a fresh new challenge with bigger opportunities.
  • Your life may have changed, gotten married, had kids and now need more income and you know it’s not going to happen where you are now.
  • Sometimes the company makes the decision for you and let’s you go.
  • The list of reasons is endless

So if you aren’t quitting, what is it?
You are changing directions! You are moving on! There’s no shame. The great thing you are doing is that you are moving on! 

If there is shame it’s staying in a situation where you have lost your enthusiasm. It would be staying in a situation you hated because you were afraid to look for something better. It would be because you had given up on your dream of doing special things in your career.

It would be because you had totally lost your motivation to improve, make bigger income, or even to eventually have a business of your own.

The important thing is to keep moving up! If you have gone as far as you can at your current location, find your best next step and move on. When something is over, it’s over and you have bigger things to do with your life!

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