You will be challenged.

In every phase of life, at every age, in every circumstance you will face challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, old, young, what country you come from, what faith, what background, what combination of good and bad or bad things have happened to you in your life. We all have been, and will be, facing challenges. 

As soon as you solve one problem another pops up…its always something.
You are going to have things happen that aren’t perfect, that mess up your world, that you have to deal with. When they come into your life they bring a question: is this the one that causes you to give up? The answer to that comes back to your attitude, your toughness and your fighting spirit. 

When faced with challenges do you give in or do you fight?
Do you let them push you around or do you push them around? How much do you need to be backed up before you get your back to the wall and you come out fighting? How much does it take for you to turn on your fighting response… your “fight back” response? 

Success goes to the overcomers
In life, challenges come no matter what it is you want to do. It doesn’t matter what it is… fun things, hard things, work things, hobbies, big challenges….it doesn’t matter. In anything you want to do you’re going to have challenges and things are only accomplished by overcoming. Most of these are unanticipated. So when these challenges come what is your response?

Are you going to fight or are you going to give in?
It’s at time of the biggest challenge that people reveal who they are; if they can be trusted, if they’re resilient, if they’ve got the fighting spirit, if they’ll hang in there or if they mean business or dead serious, if they can be counted on to lead or are they weak, they’re shallow, uncommitted, looking for an excuse, ready to run, ready to fold and give up just because something went wrong.

This is when you find out how bad you really want it
Unless you make your mind up, unless you want to do something bad enough to overcome the problems you’ll never get anything done. Something will always come up that will give you a reason to quit. The people who win are the people who win “anyway” or in spite of things that go wrong along the way. It doesn’t matter what goes wrong. They find a way to win “anyway.”

They’ve got problems or maybe more problems than anybody else, but they stand and fight and the result is… win “anyway.”  

Feedback: Isn’t it amazing that there is always something standing between you and every single thing you want to do?

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