The Great don’t always play Great

Why is that? It’s because, in competition, the formula for a great performance involvesEFFORT! The formula is


That’s how underdogs can pull off upsets
Let’s say one team is scary good with a talent and skill level of 8 of 10. Now, suppose they play an inferior team with a talent and skill level that’s only average, 5 of 10. That’s an 8 playing a 5, they should win easily on paper. But as you hear constantly in sports, they don’t play on paper. 

So game day comes…
Turns out, the better team has a bad day, is sluggish, and performs at 50% of their capabilities. That’s 8 x 50% = a 4.0 performance. Now, the other team has one of those rare games where everyone is on fire and everything goes right. They play the whole game at 90% of their maximum and BEAT the Great team! How? Their ability level of 6 times a 90% performance gave them a 5.4 game rating—which beats a 4.0 game rating every time!

David beats Goliath!

The commentators will say the “superior” team came out flat, they got out-hustled and out-played. Then they will try to analyze how that could happen, including talking to the mystified coach and players. They all will scratch their heads but it’s too late, they lost! 

That’s why you’ll often hear “They just wanted it more.” Exactly! The way you tell who wants it more is who makes the most effort! That’s the chance you need. 

And you will get it because no one or no team plays their best all the time. 

All you need is an opening
All you need is an opportunity

The thing you can do is be ready when that chance comes and then seize the moment!

Hard work is the great equalizer because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

This is the Introduction to the series 5 Secrets of Beating Big Shots. Related posts are coming soon.

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