Big Life Lessons from Rocket Launches

Why are rocket launches so dramatic?

First it starts with the countdown and the dramatic buildup…10,9,8…lift off!We hear the rumble, the earth shakes, the smoke shoots out.Years of planning and preparation are funneled to this exact moment.Hopes and dreams for the future are tied up in the success of this event.It’s a crisis moment of transition from one plane of existence to another. 

From the security of mother earth into the great unknown.

This is the moment. The call of the unknown is so exciting and powerful, it overwhelms the fear of the unknown and potential dangers.The decision has been made, there’s no turning back.You are in the big transition now.You are in the launch mode.You are on high alert.Eventually things will return to normal but not now.Now everything is focused on making this move a success.  

What in the world does this have to do with life?

Only everything.Just think about it for a minute.Life is full of huge transitions.You may not go through all of these changes but you’re sure to experience several of them:

  • When a child leaves home and moves out to college.
  • When you move into the job market and begin supporting yourself.  
  • When you change jobs moving from company to company.
  • When you change careers.
  • When you move to another state or town.
  • When you get married and begin married life.
  • When you have your first child.  
  • When you retire.

These are just a few of the kinds of changes we go through in life.Life isn’t static.Life is a journey and these are some of the stops along the way.  

The dangerous times flying is the take off and the landing.

It’s the transition time.If anything big goes wrong, that’s probably when it will happen.You can be sure the pilots are well aware of this fact.You can be sure that at least on the take off and landing the pilots are going to be locked in like lasers on doing their job.  

That’s a lesson for all of us.

Life is too short to be a maniac obsessing about every single detail of…every single minute… of every single day. You would become a worrywart driving yourself and everybody around you crazy.That’s not the lesson.The lesson is that although you can’t be that way all the time, there is a time you NEED to be that way

There is a time you NEED to buckle down, pay attention to every detail and do everything you can to set yourself up for success.When is that? Transition time.

Transition time is your vulnerable time.That’s you going through your own personal rocket launch.

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