My new Fuji X-E1 arrived today.

I ordered it because I heard it would be a great complement to my Leica M9. With an adapter, it could even use my Leica lenses. I read other reviews. I thought about it. Read more reviews. Finally I broke down and ordered it. 

I knew I didn’t have to keep it, but I planned to.

I was excited about the possibilities. I couldn’t wait to run some comparisons, to check out the supposedly great new features. I opened the box and looked at it…and the manual. I took everything out carefully noticing how it was boxed in case I sent it back.

There it was starring back at me.

I started to think about all the work involved getting comfortable with it. How the controls work, what adjustments were necessary, how to best process the images and so on. 

The reality of the effort this great idea was going to take finally hit me.

My mind started to wander.

I started to think of other things I’d rather be doing, like shooting my Leica. 

I decided I wasn’t interested enough to fool with reading a new manual and learning a new camera. 

Especially an inferior one, no matter how much good press or nifty new features it boasted.

Too much monkey business, as Chuck Berry once said.

I boxed it up to be sent back in the morning. What will I do now? I’ll be shooting my Leica M9 and waiting for a new camera worth spending time to get to know, the next Leica, the Leica M.

Once again, I was reminded of an old lesson,

…when you use the best, you can’t really get excited about anything else.

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